Sunday, April 20, 2014


No matter how long the weekend is I always wish I had one more day.  One more day with my kiddos, one more day of living a fun and joyful life, and one more day to get our stuff done!

We had an awesome Easter weekend and the 45 pictures below tell a better story than I can.

Mike and I took Friday off and I'm a firm believer that if I'm going to use PTO I better be on a fabulous vacation or doing some out-of-the-ordinary and FUN thing - so we took a day trip to Stillwater.  Although the weather in the morning was cold we played outside at Teddy Bear Park, then climbed 200 steps to the top of a bluff to enjoy a view of the lift bridge, walked down main street, visited a candy store, walked across the lift bridge to Wisconsin, and ate lunch at a restaurant featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" (a staple show at our house when we are exhausted on Friday nights from the long work week and have nothing better to do).  

Playing at Teddy Bear Park
These two are so full of wonder and joy
Yep - this is why they call it Teddy Bear Park

When you're on an adventure and having a good time - why not break out into dance on the street?

Climbing the stairs - our version of a Stillwater hike
Enjoying the view of the bridge
Miles wanted to take a picture of us - just like his mama.  He did good!

A store full of candy???  Miles and Hadley went right for the first barrel of sweets they saw in the doorway.

Saturday morning we celebrated with pre-Easter festivities.  We ventured to the Chanhassen Easter Egg Hunt for the first time.  The kids loved grabbing all of the candy and eggs.

Coloring Easter eggs
This big girl did a great job this year.

So proud of their beautiful creations!
Yep - we're a happy bunch!
Today, we had a wonderfully busy Easter.  The morning started with Easter baskets, then breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa Nickolay, then church, then lunch with my dad's side of the family and another Easter egg hunt, then dinner with my mom's side of the family, and another Easter egg hunt.  After a bath and a few books the kids crashed in bed and I haven't heard a peep.

Exploring their goodies.  Miles exclaimed, "just what I wanted!" when he saw the bubble blower and Hadley exclaimed, "just what I wanted!" when she saw the goldfish crackers.

Breakfast with grandma
It's always fun to take one goofy Easter picture before mom makes you get serious and take a nice one.

But our favorite are the goofy ones...

Easter celebration with white-haired Grandpa Nickolay
Grandpa told Hadley, "aren't you the sweetest little girl!"
I love this action shot of Miles during an Easter egg hunt

Sometimes when you're midway through a day full of parties you just need to take a little break and lie under the table.
One of the highlights of the day was playing with Jenna and Sam on their farm and petting all of the cats and dogs.
Future farmers?

Thank you all for spending the day with us and hosting us for Easter!  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Random moments in our lives

Here are the highlights from the last couple of weeks.  

Miles just finished his first session of Little Stars basketball for 4-6 year olds.  This league is big time compared to when he was in Small Fry sports at age 3.  He was placed on a team, they ran drills and scrimmaged every week.  As I've mentioned, Miles is a little shy and slow to warm up to new situations so some weeks at basketball went better than others.  In the end Miles did an awesome job.  He now knows how to put his arms up on defense, he's a fast runner, and got a lot of dribbling practice in.  We were really proud of him.  Soccer started right after basketball.  I had Miles signed up but he decided he wanted a break and we decided to take the pressure off of him.  Hopefully he'll be ready for t-ball in a month.

Spring finally is showing her face once in awhile and although there are still piles of snow on the ground we can get outside (sometimes) without a coat.  Take this weekend - Saturday we raked and cleaned up the yard and ate dinner outside.  Today, we're bundled up in winter coats to run errands.

Enjoying the sunshine

Last weekend we had my sister and her family and my parents over to celebrate my dad's birthday.

This weekend we decided to redecorate the kids' bathroom - it's almost finished so hopefully I can post before and after pictures next week.  Before the mad rush of painting, shopping, laundry and cleaning started for the weekend we had fun Friday night for pizza and movie night.
These two are either picking on each other and fighting or they are having the best time together.  Here they were hugging each other and falling on the couch over and over which made them both giggle.
Making homemade pizza
We watched planes and as usual Miles couldn't tear his eyes from the TV for even a second
Rachel picked up Hadley's first leotard at a garage sale this weekend.  She loved wearing it and running around saying she was ballet dancing.

Classic photo bomb
Dancing up and down the hallway

Coloring an Easter bunny to enter into our local coloring contest