Sunday, August 17, 2014

A few moments in our week

Hadley tried a dance class and loved it.  Our little ballerina will start classes in the fall!
One morning this happened....

We gave Miles our old digital camera and he loves it so much.
He probably played with it 3 hours a day when he first got it.

Enjoying the last concert in the summer series near our house.
Our photographer got a lot of great pictures of the singer.
Just another moment in the life of a dramatic and funny girl.
The singer invited kids to come up and play her bells and tambourine during the performance.  Miles and  Hadley really wanted to but were too timid to go by themselves so I sat in front with them.  Miles played the tambourine while hiding behind my back because he didn't want anyone to see him.

Hadley wasn't that shy about it though...
The kids saw their first movie in the theater - Planes: Fires and Rescue.  They loved it!

Today we went to the church festival and had the chicken dinner and the kids got their faces painted.
We played a little BINGO too.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cabin Life

Well, these first few pictures weren't taken at the cabin but they represent a blissful summer evening.

Two little tootsies - that's all that was sticking out of the pool
This guy loves building roads

Strutting her stuff on the boardwalk
Miles saved this two-wheel cart from being sold at grandpa's garage sale.  He loves it and drags it around the beach and yard every time he goes to the cabin.

This three-year old got herself into the dish tub - just like old times in the baby bath.

Some serious fishing happened this weekend