Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just Us

All week Miles asked, "are we going to the cabin?"  Everyday he got the same answer, "not until Friday!"  The week flew by.  Miles is such a smart, funny boy.  This week he learned how to wink!  Hadley spent time perfecting her "cheese" face anytime we talk about taking pictures or show her the camera. 
Hanging out in our CSA box

All ready to go before school - eating their breakfast snack
 Finally, Friday arrived and after playtime with Grandma and Grandpa Nickolay and a visit from Rach, Corey and Kennedy (Miles announced that Hadley is his best friend and so is the baby) we headed to the cabin - just our family.  We ate dinner at the small town bar and grill where Hadley made friends with the locals.  The next morning, bright and early, we enjoyed the sunrise and Miles and I sang a rendition of "Oh What A Beautiful Morning."  We spend the rest of the weekend swinging, boating and relaxing. 
Admiring the view

Dining al fresco

Hadley's first Oreo Cookie

Can we go out and play yet?


Hadley's first juice box (she has to be JUST like brother)


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Firsts

Summer Firsts: 
  • holding our new cousin, baby Kennedy
  • riding a mechanical horse
  • driving a police car
  • going to the races

Hadley was very serious when she first met Kennedy.

She held the baby's hand, was so gentle, and kept saying "baby!"

Hadley and Miles both got to ride Corey's mechanical horse, Sandy

Happy cousins

As always, Miles is a GREAT oldest cousin.  He was very protective of Kennedy, gentle and he kept taking her hand and making her wave to all of us.

Hadley didn't want to miss out on any cuddle action.

We went to Touch a Truck where the kids got to sit in everything from a sewer truck to a Zamboni.

Hanging out in a front loader

Cruising in a golf cart.

In between all of the fun we had to do a little yard maintenance.

The kids each have more of a green thumb than me!

Just playing with non-toys.

This weekend we also had breakfast at my parent's house, hung out with Matt, Janelle and Bradyn, went to a church festival and here is Miles, proudly holding up his (losing) ticket at Canterbury Downs.  The kids loved watching the race horses.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Our family welcomed a wonderful little bundle into the family this week - Kennedy Rae was born on Thursday.  Congratulations to Rach, Graham and Corey for bringing this little joy into the world!

This week Hadley added "cracker," "papa," "thank you," and "car" to her vocabulary.  She also sang along and did the actions with me to Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Her singing sounded like gibberish but I was impressed that she chimed in with one of her favorite songs.  Along with an expanded vocabulary she's been perfecting her funny faces.  The one she pulls out the most is a frowny face.  Anytime she's the least unsatisfied with something she will turn and give us the "stink eye."  I sure hope she didn't learn this from us!  Her little independent spirit is growing everyday - so much so that none of us can contain her at times.  Lately, if she's outside in the front yard she'll make a bee line right down the driveway and eventually would run into the street if someone didn't corral her.  Miles has stepped up as her constant protector.  As she sprints down the driveway he has no  qualms about grabbing her shirt and pulling her back kicking and screaming to the house. 

It was fun to talk to Miles about the arrival of Kennedy.  When Hadley was born he was too little to understand what was happening.  With Kennedy, before she was born, he always wanted to know why the baby was upside down in Rach's tummy.  He also told me "I want the baby to be my friend."  Once she was born he kept asking why the baby had to "stay at the doctors."  He and Hadley skyped with the baby and can't wait to meet her in person.

Miles also can draw an "M" pretty well now and pretends he is writing other letters.  His little ears are tuned into everything.  For instance, every time he hears the song "Rumor" by Adele he always asks me "why they say rumor ohhhhhhh, mommy?"  This week a pro choice advocate came to our door and as she was giving her speech one line she said was "we want politicians in the capitol not in our bedroom."  Miles was in his pjs by the front gate listening to all of this and he piped up "in our bedroom!?  Who's in our bedroom?"  He makes me laugh but is also so sweet.  One night after dinner I laid down on the floor of his bedroom while he played and he got the pillow off of his bed and put it under my head, covered me with his blankie AND gave me his puppy to cuddle with.  So sweet.

This weekend we went to the Carver County Fair for the first time and we had a blast. 
We enjoyed mini donuts.

Miles kept Hadley in line near the rides.

Miles went on his first pony ride and was grinning ear to ear the whole time.

The kids fed a goat.

This was a very well-fed goat.

Hadley likes heavy equipment just as much as Miles.

Sweet face.

The kids enjoyed every aspect of the fair.
This weekend we also made the huge step of moving Hadley into Miles' room.  Mike and I not only have our master bedroom to ourselves again but these two little buddies are now roomies.  They are both happy about this move and seem to love their newly rearranged sleeping arrangements.  Last night they only got up 3 times in the night - it's an adjustment and hopefully tonight is a little more restful. 
Roomies and best buds!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Olympics

Our version of the Summer Olympics...
Preparing the grounds for the many events to come.

Making sure the building is in tip-top shape for all of our visitors.

Miles was inspired by women's diving and wanted to know every divers name and then practiced diving on the couch (with his eyes closed)

Gold medal win (even with his eyes closed)!

Bathing beauty - prepping poolside (I'm talking about Hadley - not Graham)

Road race (yes, this is Miles on a big boy bike - he only has a little road rash so far to prove his toughness in the sport)

Two-man bobsled (well, wrong Olympics but they were having so much fun)

Floor exercise with water


Team spirit!