Sunday, August 25, 2013

T-Ball and Trucks

This week was Miles' last week of t-ball.  This was his best sports night ever.  He joined in with his "superheros" team the whole time, fielded grounders, ran the bases, hit the ball and even caught (after a few rolls) a line drive.  Grandma came to watch too - we were so proud!  At the end they all took a group photo and received certificates and treats.  At the first sign of treats Hadley joined the team.  One by one each child's name was called until all the certificates and treats had been handed out and Hadley was left standing on the field.  We took home one sad two-year old.  She can't wait until next year when she can participate.

We had a fun and busy weekend.  Yesterday we went to my cousin Troy's wedding and danced the night away.  Today the boys went to Baldwin, WI to pick up Mike's new hobby - a 1968 Ford pick-up.  Miles was beyond thrilled to hang out with the guys, hook a trailer to grandpa's truck and ride along.  Hadley, my mom and I went for girls time to the Arboretum and despite the heat enjoyed the flowers.  With two little ones it's nice to spend quality 1:1 time with each of them.

The things they say...

  • "Mom, you're the best cooker.  That was the best pie."  (I made homemade peach pie this week.)
  • After eating at McDonald's with the guys for the first time today, Miles came home and told me "it's a very good restaurant.  We should go there sometime."
  • When you ask him what kind of truck daddy bought, he simply says "a Ford."
  • Miles has gotten really good at racing and weaving his Razr scooter up and down the hall and around the furniture.  Today I said to him "you're good at riding your scooter."  He replied, "yeah, I am."
  • Belly flops are "tummy flops"
  • Hadley purposely dumped her water on the floor tonight and when Mike told her to pick it up she yelled "never!" and ran away.
  • When she's whiny or upset she repeats "mamamamamamamama" even if she doesn't want me or I'm not around.
  • She counts to 11 easily, knows all of her colors although wishes that everything in the world came in pink, and makes up songs and often sings to herself - especially in the car.
I took a break from lugging my big camera around this weekend and had some fun with Instagram.  Just the break I needed - low pressure, camera phone photos with fun filters.

Hads and I enjoying girls day

My dad and I at the wedding

Me and my sis

Date night!

I don't know who's more excited about the new truck - Mike or Miles

Exploring the hosta gardens at the Arboretum

Pretty girl ready for church

I think someone's in love...

This is one sweet, little lady

The truck at our house

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Road trip for Rylan

We took a half day off of work on Friday to take a mini vacation to Moorhead to visit our newest nephew, Rylan.  It's not often you get to snuggle a 7 lb little person all weekend so the long drive and bad traffic were well worth it.  He's so cute!

We had adjoining rooms with the Sievers at the Holiday Inn in Fargo.  The hotel had a huge pool with a pirate ship and water slides so we spent the weekend hanging out with the Nickolays, having picnic meals, going out to eat, adventuring on 'nature' walks inside the hotel, and swimming (until a code brown - not our kids - shut down the pool Saturday night - that's all I'll say about that).  Traveling together we're quite the crowd - 6 adults and 6 kids 4 years old and under but the kids were good and we all had a blast.

Miles and Hadley were the sweetest cousins - they love hugging and playing with all of their cousins and they were so gentle and caring with Rylan.  They LOVED holding him.

Splashing in the pool

My little fish loved the water

Is this not the sweetest thing?

Oldest and youngest cousins - Miles takes his role very seriously - he's such a good boy

First photo with all 6!
This was the first time Bradyn held Ry too

So proud of my little brother

No, we're not all on a Mexican vacation together - we're just partying it up at Mexican Village!  The whole crew.

With everyone talking about holding the baby Corey and Miles joked around and Corey pretended to hold baby Miles.

We got home from a fun weekend and we unpacked and are doing laundry.  I also made refrigerator pickles, 2 loaves of zucchini bread and a double batch of pesto.

The kids say so many funny things - here's only the ones from tonight, once we were home, that I remember:
  • Miles:  Mike was talking about hair..."I don't want to shave my face.  Mom, will you help me do it?"
  • Hadley:  Speaking of hair..."Daddy you have grass in your nose."
  • Bradyn:  Janelle texted that he was talking to himself, trying to go to sleep tonight... "I want Auntie Sarah and Mike too.  I go swimming in pool.  Bradyn ready.  No night night.  Come on Auntie.  Go walk." 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What I want to remember about my children at this moment in time

I have a digital photo frame on my desk that runs through 100s of pictures I’ve taken of my children since their births.  This week, as I sat in my cube staring at that picture frame, I tried to go back in time to that space in which the picture was taken.  Do I remember what they did at that age?  When they looked at me through the camera do I remember what we were both thinking and feeling at that time?  The sad answer is no – I don’t always remember.  Time is moving so quickly by and I often overlook these wonderful, magical moments in lieu of cleaning the kitchen or working late.  I want and need to live more in these moments and remember these feelings of joy and love.  If not this, what is the purpose of life? 

Hadley in this moment...  talks a lot - her little voice piping up in every conversation.  We went to outdoor concerts on Thursday and Friday nights.  She had pigtails in her hair and her heart-shaped sunglasses on and she shook her hips and danced to the music in the cutest way.  We played doctor together Saturday evening.  She laid on the ottoman while I counted her toes, tickled her tummy and looked in her eyes, ears and mouth.  She then did the same exam for me - running back and forth from her toy box to the couch where I was to get her "instruments."  She loves to play pretend and is very serious about it.  Tonight she was so tired from the busy weekend she wanted me to hold and rock her while she rested with her head on my shoulder.  

Miles in this moment...  has a girl who wants to marry him.  We saw Emma from preschool at the concerts this weekend and she and Miles chased each other and giggled.  Emma's mom said she announced that she wants to marry Miles someday.  Miles is shy in new situations.  His first night of t-ball he spent crying and clinging to me for the first 35 minutes and had a great time hitting the ball and fielding grounders for the last 10.  He's getting so big that when he walks in the kitchen we can clearly see his head above the counters and he plays independently - without us right next to him. 

Hadley joined in a hula hoop contest at the Carver County Fair on Saturday

This was Miles' second pony ride - he's a pro

This was Hadley's first - she wanted a pink horse but settled for white

Feeding the giraffe

Miles drew his first stick person (he said "it's a picture of Kennedy pooping") and a car with a trailer.  Both pictures were totally recognizable.

The kids and I went to the Arboretum this morning and took time to smell the roses

Little sister is tickling big brother