Sunday, February 16, 2014

Visitors, Swimming and Valentine's Day

We were so happy to have Mike's sister, Annette, and brother-in-law, Roger, stay with us last weekend. The kids usually only see this auntie and uncle at Christmas so we felt very lucky to spend this bonus time with them. We visited, played, ate good food and went to Nickelodeon Universe.

This is the third winter the kids have been in swimming lessons.  Miles is a little hesitant about lessons but once he's in the water he does well - even dunking his face, and ears in the pool this year.  He still doesn't want to jump into the pool off of the diving board and this year he didn't want to go down the water slide by himself for fear that his teacher wouldn't catch him.  Otherwise, he did well and is even learning to move his arms in the crawl stroke.

Hadley had her last session with Mike and she loved every minute of it.  She constantly had a huge grin on her face and is not hesitant to get wet or go down the slide.  Like Miles, she also has a fear of jumping off of the diving board and also refused to do this.  I remember doing this same thing as a child. I think I finally took the leap after a lot of pep talks and the promise of a dollar from my mom.  Unfortunately, there are no pictures of Miles in the pool because during his last lesson of this session (when I brought the camera) he had a substitute teacher which disrupted his routine and he refused to get in the pool.  I had some not-so-proud poolside moments as I tried to get him in but after 15 minutes gave up and we left.  In hindsight I should have made him sit on the side of the pool and watch his class but I was so angry I just wanted to get out of there.

This week I got to be Miles' special person at a Valentine's party at Little Saints Preschool.  We played games, play-doh, ate cookies and his class sang songs for us.  This was the first year that he signed his own name on 20 Valentine's for his friends - that was quite an accomplishment spanning a few nights! It was a wonderful break in my work day and I was so happy and proud to be there with my little man.

The kids are growing and my big accomplishment this weekend was switching out all of their clothes for the next size up - Hadley's in 3T now and Miles is in 5T.  We did lots of laundry and have many boxes full of clothes to hand down to the little cousins.

Thanks for checking out the blog this week!  There will not be a post next week - so see you in 2 weeks.

Hadley LOVES to snuggle with Auntie Annette and even drank hot tea just like her.
Auntie A. has a Talking Tom app on her phone which the kids LOVE whenever we see her.  Annette played dress-up with the kids and they listened to Talking Tom and giggled a lot.
I couldn't believe it - Miles is tall enough to no longer need a parent with him on the rides at Nickelodeon Universe.  My little baby boy is getting so big!  This was Miles' and Hadley's first solo ride, sans parent, together.  They were a little nervous.  I don't think Hadley entirely trusts Miles and Miles was putting on a brave smile.
They're racing!

Uncle Roger was there with us - he just isn't one to jump in the photos.  We still had lots of fun with him though.

Swimming lessons with daddy.

Our little bathing beauty.

This girl was into dress up this weekend - just a regular Saturday morning with a tutu, headband and lots of jewelry.
Future ballerina?
This girl is full of spunk and energy - I love this smile as she races up and down the hall pulling her balloon.
Another dress-up moment - pretty cute in the boots.
Miles enjoying his snack at his school party.
Goofy guy...
...just like his mom...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mama took us to the zoo today...

We ventured out of the house for some non-errand running fun and went to the zoo with the Sievers this morning.  Even though we had to stay inside the kids appreciated running free and seeing the animals.  

Tonight we watched the Superbowl halftime show.  On one side of me Hadley got up on the couch and danced to Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  On the other side Miles asked me what would happen if our noses were under our mouths.  He answered his own question when he said we'd have to blow our chins.