Sunday, January 26, 2014

In our pjs all weekend...

We stayed in our pjs all weekend.  Miles is fighting a bad cold - he has no appetite and energy, isn't sleeping well and has lots of coughs and snot.  Hadley has a minor version of the same.  On top of that the weather outside has been frightful  - so we didn't feel like we missed out on any outdoor winter fun this weekend. 

Mike and I did take this opportunity to do some cleaning, including tackling one, majorly messy downstairs closet, and cooking some warm, takes longer than 30 minute, comfort food meals.  Even though we were home, Mike and I both agreed that we could use about 6 more days at home to get everything we'd like to done around the house.  You know the list...  it's never ending. 

On a random note - Hadley thoroughly entertained us tonight with a story about her friend, Tubey.  Tubey is a little, 2 year old boy that looks like Hadley.  She met him in Arizona.  We finally convinced her to reveal Tubey to us - she said that he was sleeping in her bed.  As we were all traipsing to her bedroom to finally meet Tubey she stopped, turned around and informed us that he just zoomed away in his car - back to Arizona.

This is what you look like when you eat frozen blueberries and don't comb your hair

Miles tried to join in on some silliness but you can tell he just doesn't feel good - poor guy
Watching cartoons
Things can get a little crazy when you stay in all weekend

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Up on skates!

This weekend flew by - if only we had one more day to actually relax...  That's not to say we didn't have fun - sitting and relaxing was just not on our agenda.  We did buy the kids their first pairs of ice skates and went out this morning.  It was a beautiful, sunny, 35 degree morning and we were the only ones at the rink.  They were both excited to try it after seeing us skate last weekend.  Hadley was steady on her feet and was able to push her chair around the ice a little bit.  She quickly tired though and wanted her boots back on.  Miles stayed in his skates the whole time we were at the rink.  He was less steady on his feet - the idea of bending your knees but continuing to stand and then pushing off side-to-side to move was difficult but he persisted. He'd fall, laugh and pull himself back up again.  I was very proud of both of them.  Once Hadley was in boots and Miles was practicing on his own Mike and I laced up our skates to zip around the rink.

We also played on the huge pile of snow in front of our house and went sledding with the Sievers.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


The weather was finally warm enough that we had some outdoor winter fun - sledding twice, skating and snowball fights.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holidays in Arizona

We spent a sunny and warm week in Arizona to celebrate the holidays with Mike's family.  We missed history-making cold here at home and enjoyed the outdoor respite from blustery weather.

Miles and Hadley finally met their oldest cousin, Ben, and his wife, Becky and spent a few hours playing in the sunshine with them.  We also saw Mike's sisters Annette and Denise and their families along with his parents and aunt and uncle.  It was a full house! 

While there we relaxed indoors and outdoors, ate a lot of his mom's good cooking, went to Canyon Lake, Goldfield Ghost Town, and Superstition Museum, road a train, took walks, fed the neighbor horses, spent time with friends, played cards, hiked and went to the zoo.  I loved spending so much quality time with my kiddos.  Thanks Mike and Mariann for hosting us again.

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Opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa Gray

At Canyon Lake with cousins Sarah and Nick

Time in the sunshine

Seeing how the cowboys out west and gold miners lived

Figuring out the labyrinth

Looking at model trains with grandma

Riding a stagecoach

Visiting a chapel where Elvis filmed a movie

Riding a train with Grandma and Grandpa Gray

And Annette and Uncle Roger
Hadley had lots of people to cuddle with - Auntie A was especially cuddly
At the park

Every year Miles makes waffles with Grandpa

Someone else wanted to get in on the action

Grandpa had a lot of helpers

Our first family hike!

The kids loved it.  Miles hiked all the way up and down by himself.  Hadley did well until her little legs tripped - then we carried her the rest of the way.

Looking at the view through his "binoculars."  He thought he spotted Chanhassen.

He did it!

Our little rock climber

We went to my friend Beth's house and Miles and Hadley LOVED playing with her three kids and their toys - especially this electric jeep.  Miles has been asking for one ever since.  He was a pretty good driver.

Me, Beth and our girls

Again, someone was very sticky from eating a candy cane

Hanging out at the zoo

Petting the stingrays - Miles was hesitant at first but then was so excited to have done it.  Having his older buddy, Tyson, around helped to encourage him.

His bravery continued as he rode his first camel!  (not even mommy and daddy have ever ridden on a camel)

The whole gang

Playing in Grandma and Grandpa Gray's yard