Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two Toofers!

They're in! Aren't they cute?

Our smiley boy.

Hanging out.

Playing hard.

Miles is starting to take a greater interest in Ruby.
(aka he tries to pull her hair)

Two buddies.

Funny face!

Baby Thor with his hammer.

Steak dinner - here Miles comes!
Miles first little bottom tooth cut through on Monday and the second little one popped up on Thursday. Teething doesn't seem to phase him very much although I catch him rubbing his tongue along his teeth often. He looks so cute! I wonder who he'll bite first...

Miles has perfected the army crawl and is now rolling with the bigger babies at school. One of his teachers reported that he crawled all the way to the linoleum from the play area. We also got a note home from daycare saying that Miles "growled" when he was done with his bottle. I laughed picturing him as a little wolf baby. I characterize the sound he makes when he doesn't want something as more of a grunt but thinking of him growling is funny.

This week Miles tried green beans and apples for the first time and at meal times now literally scarfs his food in under 10 minutes.

Mommy's Night Out
Wednesday night Rachel and I both got our hair cut at 6:30, after the babies went to bed. Our stylists asked us if we were going out after our cuts - we looked at each other and thought why not! We had a drink and sushi at Kona Grill and for a Wednesday night the bar there was hopping. (People actually go out on a work night? Yes, I know this comment ages me! :) We had a great time and both commented how energized and "normal" we felt to take a break from constant mommy-mode. It was fun and we will now make it a monthly girls night out.

Miles and I continue to go to ECFE on Friday mornings. We've become good friends with some of the moms and babies and Miles loves charming his little friends and sucking on new toys and I enjoy talking to other new moms. After class we were supposed to head to Mankato to visit good family friend, Sharon Huse, with Rachel and Corey but Corey has RSV. If it's not Miles sick it's Corey. Poor little guy - get well soon Little C! Sharon joked that with both boys getting sick she may not see them until they get to college. Hopefully we'll reschedule soon. Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

7 Adults, 3 Dogs & 2 Babies

The biggest belly laughs erupt from Miles when he's
riding on daddy's shoulders, pulling on his hair.

Chase & Ruby being good (for a moment).

Godfather Matt and Miles hanging out in the morning.

My future sister-in-law, Janelle, and "Little C."

Miles & Corey LOVE playing together!

Waiting for breakfast.

Little butt in the air while snoozing.

Far, far away
I spent my first night away from Miles this week as I traveled to Fort Worth for a business trip. I served as the meeting planner and educational consultant for a one day symposium down there. I was dreading leaving but the time went fast as I worked 15+ hours a day. Mike is such a great dad that I joked that the boys don't even need me at home! I swear that Miles grew while I was gone - he's such a big baby now!

A full house
Matt & Janelle came down from Moorhead this weekend along with their (dog) babies, Molly and Chase. Graham, Rachel and Corey (and Graham's friend Divo) also hung out. We did a lot of eating and passing around the babies and Miles and Corey showed off their wrestling skills for us. Saturday night we ventured out to Buca for dinner which was a perfect choice - no one could hear the babies fussing over the roar of the other diners in the restaurant. Rachel and I also had fun helping Janelle and Matt look for rehearsal dinner venues, limo companies and strategize about bridesmaid dresses. We can't wait until they get married September 11! I'm going to try to find a bow tie for Miles to wear.

On the go

Miles' whole brain and body have been devoted to developing his gross motor skills lately. He is constantly on the go and only when he's utterly exhausted does he sit still on my lap or fall asleep. He is still wildly rocking back & forth on all fours and has perfected the army crawl. The little guy can really get around now. The new foods he tried this week were carrots and peaches which he thought were both delicious. We're also on a daily tooth watch - they will poke through any time now. He'll look so cute with two little teeth!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rocking & Rolling at 7 Months

Snoozing after a day at the doggie spa.

Yeah I'm Clean!

First time eating breakfast - pear & mango - yum!

Waking up from a nap - "hi mom!"

Someone's excited!

Practicing the crawl.

Sweet valentine.


Happy 1st Valentine's Day!

Playing with Duckie in the tub.

Snapshot at 7 months
Favorite books: Miles loves Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton and any book that features photos of baby faces. I love In My Pond & Little Blue Truck. I just ordered The Snowy Day and Harold and the Purple Crayon – beloved classics from my childhood that I want Miles to enjoy too.

Bedtime Routine: At around 5:30 pm we start to have family quiet time. We read 1-3 books to Miles, I sing him “You are My Sunshine” then he nurses and then it’s sleepy time.

Miles loves to: practice crawling, play peek-a-boo, get tickled, clap, say ya-ya-ya and da-da-da, and he’s starting to enjoy knocking down a stack of blocks.

We’re Regular Customers at Wayzata Children’s Clinic
Long story short – daycare thought that Miles had the chicken pox on Thursday so we trekked once again to the pediatrician’s office on Thursday after work. Turns out he has a viral rash which is not contagious however the virus causing it is. We had fun plans for the weekend including a road trip to Mankato Friday to visit Sharon Huse with Rach and Corey and then Matt and Janelle were going to come down to visit for the weekend. Since we didn’t want Corey around Miles, all plans were rescheduled for another time and although we were very disappointed that our big, fun weekend plans didn’t happen Mike and I deep cleaned our kitchen for 4 hours (yes, we literally spent 4 hours cleaning out every cabinet, scrubbing everything down, vacuuming behind appliances, etc) and Miles is on the mend!

A Great Valentine’s Day

Out to lunch at Kona Grill for yummy sushi, a new cell phone with a keyboard for texting, playing with my two favorite boys, cookie dough blizzards from Dairy Queen, Ruby’s bathed and clean – what more could a girl ask for?

To My Little Valentine
Dear Miles,
Happy 1st Valentine’s Day sweet boy! Before you were born I never knew that I could love someone as much as I love you. Unbelievably my love for you grows everyday with every new thing you learn and every smile you give me. My favorite moments this week were watching you giggle when your bare little belly gets tickled, playing peek-a-boo, and lifting you over my head and then bringing you down to my face to smother you with kisses. You are such an active little baby that one of these days, as you rock back and forth on your hands and knees, I know you’re going to take off crawling – full speed ahead. I’m enjoying every moment snuggling you on my lap and rocking you to sleep at night. The possibilities in your life in the days, months and years to come are endless and I’m so excited to be part of your journey. You’re my angel. I am so blessed. I love you little one!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Week

Miles likes to take control of the spoon. Yum - mango!

My boys hanging out on the bed watching me clean out the dresser.

Miles and mama getting ready for yoga.

Sweet face.

Eating dinner with cousin Lauren.

Playing with Great Aunt Nancy and cousin Emily.

Relaxing in the tub.

Attempting a pony ride...

Sisters with babies!


Little "M" and Little "C"

How can a week go by so quickly yet seem so long? Here's the rundown of our week:

Other then being the typical, painful Monday dropping Miles off at daycare and going to work after a wonderful weekend away from the rat race it snowed here. Mondays are the worst days for snow. Our commute home was over 2 hours resulting in us picking Miles up at daycare after 6:00 pm when technically the daycare closes at 6:00 - UGHH!

Miles' two little bottom teeth are getting so close to popping through his gums. We can clearly see white under his gums so when Miles cried almost all night, from 9:00 pm until 4:00 am (our alarms go off at 5:45 am), I thought that he was possibly in pain because of teething. We gave him tylenol but it didn't really seem to help. He's not typically a crier and this cry was different then the norm.

After very little sleep we were off to daycare and work but daycare called late morning to say that Miles had spiked a fever and needed to be picked up. Daycare suspected that it was due to his teething too but I just had a nagging feeling it was another ear infection so we headed to the pediatrician's office again and after an exam and his left ear getting flushed out (not fun) he was diagnosed with another ear infection and is on another round of antibiotics. Now that he's older then 6 months he can take Motrin and Motrin saved us all Thursday night - he was pain free and we slept much better.

Luckily Fridays are my day off and Miles and I just chilled. My favorite moments with him are just cuddling on the couch, reading books and watching him rock and roll while playing on the floor.

Miles and I did a morning BYOB (bring your own baby) yoga class. I love sharing this yoga bonding experience with him! Saturday night the Carlson family kindly had us over for a delicious and warm dinner of homemade soups. It was great to actually get out of the house on a weekend evening and we had a fun time chatting and hanging out with them. Thank you Carlsons!

We spent the day with Rach, Graham and Corey at their house. Rachel and I made a trip to Trader Joe's and the baby cousins did a lot of hand holding and playing on the floor together - very cute. The boys are getting big so quickly - it amazes us continually. Super Bowl Sunday parties aren't what they used to be though with babies around. My family was on the road home by 6:15 to stay on schedule with Miles' 6:30-7:00 pm bedtime. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way though. Mike and I just prepared our lunches and Miles' bottles for the day tomorrow, Miles is sleeping peacefully in his crib and Mike is now watching the end of the game - a nice ending to an eventful week.