Sunday, March 25, 2012


Outdoor window washing, an impromptu baseball game, wagon rides, grilling, hanging out on the deck, tromping around at the zoo... all outdoor activities we'd usually enjoy in May or June - but it's mid-March and we're wearing shorts and doing all of these activities in the sunshine.

We had a great weekend - I think the nice weather just automatically puts me in a good mood. Hadley now says 3 words - mama, dada and bye-bye. She also cruises around furniture like a pro, can climb stairs and loves to get into the mix with the big kids. Miles remains his sweet, funny self. I love hanging out with him because he's so entertaining!

Getting ready for my first Easter!

Just hanging out mom!

Parading in the wagon - like the 4th of July.

Mom's trying to contain me in the kiddie pool but I just want to get out and crawl around.

What's more fun then hanging out with your cousin?

These kids had a blast this morning at the zoo.

Two pacis? My dream come true!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Texas for a week

We enjoyed a beautiful vacation in Texas, visiting my parents. Although Hadley had a fever and ear infection, Miles had a bad cold and the weather was rainy a few days we had a great time overall. I asked everyone what their favorite parts of the trip were. Miles - "playing outside." Mike - "beer, brisket and relaxing." For me, I liked all of the delicious food, taking walks, the warmth of the sun and being on the water. We all very much enjoyed spending time with my parents. Thanks for a great vacation!

Hadley's first time in Texas - she loved it!

Squirting water on the pier.

Ready for kayaking.

We all did a lot of reading and relaxing.

Goofing around with grandpa.

Snuggling with grandma.

Miles loved playing on this Hot Wheels motorcycle everyday.

Enjoying the sun.

Playing with lots of new toys.

Grandpa and Hadley took over a 2 hour nap in the hammock together one day.

Water boy or as Miles says he's "making juice."

Vacations are exhausting.

Even though she was sick she was a trooper.

Eating grandma's good cooking.


Miles loved doing the dishes with grandpa.

Feeding the birds.


Enjoying the turtle statue near the marina.

Hadley's first time swinging - she loved it!

Dining al fresco.

Happy hour on the patio.

Snack time.

Busy crawler.

Check out the bonus blog post below!

9 month photos

I thought I'd share a few of the cute photos from Hadley's 9 month photo shoot.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finding the joy

Two events this week have thrown my world off kilter. In times of tragedy, stress and bad things happening to good people I turn to my family to find my joy. How can I not be joyful and thankful when I look into the faces of these little people?

I could have named Hadley "Joy." She's so happy and content - her sunny disposition rubs off on those around her. This week she continued to pull up on furniture and is now cruising along it and even went from standing at the ottoman to moving to the couch. She also waves bye-bye, is sometimes really dramatic (in a good, funny, dramatic sort of way) and loves to eat pancakes.

Miles is growing and now can't walk under our kitchen counter without ducking - his little self used to just cruise under it but now he's too tall. At dinner one night this week he looked down at his chicken, cous cous, berries and peas and announced "this is a healthy dinner!" This morning we were commenting on what a big girl Hadley is for eating pancakes like the rest of us. Miles stated "baby's growing bigger and will have M & Ms when she goes potty." He then proceeded to kiss his Mickey Mouse pancake.