Sunday, October 19, 2014

A fun weekend

The Nickolays stayed with us for the weekend and we had so much fun!

Saturday morning, before we had to get ready for the wedding we enjoyed the beautiful, fall weather.
All ready for their first wedding!
This is one good looking group of cousins.
Our family all dressed up.
It was so fun attending my cousin Jess's wedding with my kiddos. This was their first wedding and they loved it! This guy rocked the dance floor - often grooving in the middle of a circle of adults.
This lovely lady loved to dance too. What little girl doesn't love a beautiful bride?
Congratulations to Jess and Mark. They had a beautiful wedding but more importantly are a wonderfully in love couple.
Me, my sis, and Kennedy
Me, my mom, and sis
These two are going to be heart-breakers some day. Can they get any cuter?
The dollar dance with the bride.
Sibling selfie.
Daddy's girl.
Being goofy.
Love my family!
The fun continued at Corey's 5th birthday party today. They had a pirate theme, pizza, and a bounce house.

Happy birthday Corey! Needless to say - we have two very tired kids (and parents!).

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Festivities

On Friday, October 3 my first baby lost his first tooth!  He knew a few were loose and a recent dentist appointment confirmed that he actually has 3 loose teeth.  The dentist mentioned that some kids are 'wigglers' while other kids are 'hanger-oners.'  Miles is a tooth wiggler.  The morning of the big day he was eating a banana when all of a sudden he said he thought something was stuck to his tooth - he reached in and pulled out his tooth!  There was a little blood (which Hadley told him was all over his face) but he responded calmly - I think he was a little in awe.  So exciting!  That night the tooth fairy delivered a $1 bill sprinkled with pixie dust and a box of Tic-Tacs.  Everyday since then Miles asks when his other teeth will fall out - he wants another visit from the tooth fairy.  Hadley's been a little bummed that her teeth aren't loose yet and she keeps asking when she will turn 5.
A little gap in the front on the bottom.
Last weekend went to the Sever's Corn Maze with the Seivers family.  It was frigidly cold (we're not ready for deep freezes yet!) but we persevered to squeeze out every last bit of fall as possible. The kids (and me and Rachel) loved bouncing on the big trampolines.
Exploring a little train and testing out her new winter coat.

The corn pit - Hadley loved it and went back twice to play in it.

The kiddos with Corey in the hay maze.
Our family before we entered the big corn maze. This was the first year that we did it...  and by it I mean we wandered around the maze, without the map, and after we got bored we headed straight through the corn to the entrance. Next year we'll follow the map and get through the maze.
Miles and Hadley love feeding animals - here Miles fed the cutest little pig.
The goats are always hungry.
Fall started to slip by too quickly and I soon realized that we hadn't gone apple picking yet. That's not to say we haven't enjoyed a ton of delicious MN apples - Zestar, Honeycrisp, Sweet 16, and my favorite this year Sweet Tango - all from the Arboretum Apple House.  The orchard we always go to is done with apple picking for the season already but the kids and I still went out there and toured the barn, saw the animals, got a hay ride, and enjoyed some apple cider. 

This weekend we spent one night at the cabin, helping my parents close it up for the season and enjoying one more day there.  The kids played so hard from morning until they fell asleep exhausted after the campfire.

Now that the kids are bigger and all 6 like grandpa's tractor rides - the wagon is getting to be a tight fit!
The youngest kiddos in each family this morning before breakfast.
We take a lot of cousin pictures but 3 years ago we decided to do at least one every year at the cabin - posing standing up from oldest to youngest. Here's the 2014 version.
Everyone loves a goofy picture.