Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pretty pictures

A few pretty pictures of my lovelies from their 2 and 4-year photo shoot with our favorite photographer, Sally Gruman.

We're over the moon about the newest member of our family - baby Rylan.  Congratulations Matt, Janelle and Bradyn.  We can't wait to meet our new little nephew and cousin.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our wonderful 4 year old!

We are so blessed to have such a beautiful, gentle, funny, caring, helpful, 4-year old son like Miles.  Where has the time gone?  We spent the day of his birth looking at pictures of him in the hospital on his original birthday - remembering what a life changing joy he brought to us that day.  Fast forward four years and I still love to cuddle him, admire his wonderful head of hair and he makes me smile each and every day.  So a lot has changed in four years but a lot has stayed the same. 

We celebrated July 11 with special treats (he chose mini bags of Keebler cookies) to share with Daren and Hadley and for dinner we had pizza at Old Chicago.  Since it was his special day he got a huge ice cream sundae (so did his little sister) and we sang to him to mark the occasion.  The next weekend we had my family over for a Jake and the Neverland Pirates themed party.  We had pirate tattoos, a pinata and splashed in the kiddie pool before eating watermelon, carrots and grilled brats and hotdogs - Miles' picks.  The best part, in Miles' opinion, was the Jake cake and ice cream. 

For his birthday he got:  money for his savings account, a treasure box, a fishing pole, t-shirts, Lite Bright, a coloring book, a Jake boat, a bouncy ball you can sit on, tractors, a puzzle, and we gave him a Razr scooter (which he's obsessed with and rides up and down the hall and around the couch everyday). 

At his 4-year check-up he was very healthy, and although shy when asked to recite the ABCs, hop on one foot, etc. he giggled throughout the exam - he's so ticklish!  Here are his stats:
  • Height:  40.5 inches (56%)
  • Weight:  35.8 lbs (50%)
At 4, Miles loves:
  • collecting treasures
  • riding bikes
  • helping with projects
  • baking
  • Jake
  • husky pup
  • his whole posse of stuffed friends (3 dogs, 2 bears, and a Jake doll)
  • playing with his cousins
  • reading books
  • pizza
  • cake
  • all desserts
  • Costco samples
  • telling jokes
  • fishing
  • being with his family

This face is priceless - here Hads thought that we were singing to her and the cake Mike was bringing over was for her.  There were tears one second later when the cake was placed in front of Miles.  It's hard being two!

Miles' first fish!


Hadley's first fish!

I couldn't resist adding this photo - with grandchild #6 arriving anyday grandpa's lap won't hold everyone for long

Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July

I definitely have my ups and downs as a parent.  This week was a wonderful 'up' week.  How could I not be happy having a rare day off in the middle of the week?  I raced out of work Wednesday night so that we could march in the Chanhassen kiddie parade.  Miles' decorated his bike and Hadley the wagon and we marched around a city block - trailing behind a fire truck with about 100 other kids.  Hadley's a future Miss Minnesota - she wore her movie star sunglasses and did the princess wave the entire time.  Halfway through though she started asking "where are all of the kitties?"  We had to explain that she's a kiddie and there weren't going to be any kitties.

Miles was in awe of all of the kids and pedaled hard until a breeze blew the patriotic helium balloon off the back of his bike and into the clouds.  His little heart seemed to break watching his balloon sail into space and he didn't quite understand why we couldn't retrieve it and he kept asking when it would come back.  A rice krispie bar at the end of the parade route made everyone feel better.

On Thursday we decided to celebrate the holiday all day long and started the day with a special treat of donuts that we picked up early when we went to put our blanket out to reserve our spot on the big parade route.  We went to the playground in the morning and enjoyed the sunshine.  After naps we headed to the big parade and sat with Darcy and Doreen, two of our super nannies, and their families.  The little and big kids loved the planes flying over head, the marching bands and all of the candy.  It was a hot and sticky day so we grilled and hung out in the kiddie pool that evening. 

Mike and I both worked Friday and Miles and Hadley got a tractor ride and slid on the slip and slide at the Lemke's house.  That evening we went to the cabin and enjoyed a fun weekend of pontoon rides, swinging, another kiddie pool, and playing with cousins.  One of the highlights was fishing for the first time.  Hadley's attention span is still a little short but Miles could have sat there for hours.  He was casting like a pro (almost better than mommy) after a few minutes.  For this first time he had a little pretend fish on his line but next time we'll use real bait.

All of these activities have left the kids a little beaten and bruised.  Everyone is tired.  Miles got hit in the nose with a canoe paddle and we took Hadley to the doctor today for what we thought was an unrelated rash on her legs and an eye infection.  We had been treating her eyes with leftover pink eye medication but she's now on an oral antibiotic and an antibiotic ointment.  We think we caught an infection before it got more serious and we're hoping the meds just knock this ickiness right out of her.  Tonight she was reading books by herself - explaining to me as I sat down beside her that the hippo in the story felt sad.  She also loves to pretend she's a kitty and takes this to the extreme - eating like a cat, mewing and picking things up with her "paws."  Lately, when we ask her a question she replies very properly "yeth."

Right now Hadley's in bed already and Mike and Miles are reading a Fancy Nancy book on the couch.