Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Spirit

We had lots of holiday spirit this week.  I love this time of year - our house is decorated and looks extra cozy with a huge, 8-foot tree, the stockings are hung from the mantle and our outside Christmas lights emit a nice glow outside our front window.

Monday was 'crazy hair' day at school which for Miles, with his very dark hair, meant that you could only tell that his hair was sprayed with color my looking at his forehead and scalp which were red and green. He was into it though.

The kidlets and Mike visited me at work on Wednesday and thought mommy's work was super cool!  My colleagues gave them little toys and they grazed from our all-day potluck table of treats.  Everyone commented how alike they look to one another.  I never really thought so until I saw these two pictures in which they are making identical silly faces.

Here's another attempt at a Christmas card picture...

Thanksgiving was celebrated with lots of cheer and food at my parents' house.  It's just not Thanksgiving unless you have a huge feast for lunch followed by an afternoon snack and then dinner!  We all ate heartily and enjoyed the delicious food.
All of the excitement and anticipation for the noon meal was too much for Hads and she fell asleep before the food was ready.
 After a snuggle with daddy and Aunt Nancy she feasted too.

Here's the first photo of all 5 of my parents' grandkids.  This is one of the only pictures where Bradyn wasn't flying off of the couch.

Matt, Janelle and Bradyn stayed the whole weekend and we had lots of fun hanging out, shopping and playing.

Although we're enjoying the holiday season here in cold MN Hadley's already gearing up for our trip to Phoenix.

Although not as picturesque as chopping down a Christmas tree in the woods we still had a good time picking out an awesome tree at Menards!

My sister convinced me that Hadley's hair is long enough for pigtails.  See that tiny sprout on top of her head?  It's her first little ponytail!

Feed the baby doll was loosely interpreted by our babies this weekend.

One of my favorite moments of the weekend was watching Mike wheel around a shopping cart at Target with Miles, Hads and Bradyn all sitting contentedly in it.  We all shopped while they browsed the toy aisle.  The kids loved spending lots of time with Uncle Matt and Aunt 'Lola.'

Although a smaller crowd this year we enjoyed our annual 'fundue' party.  Miles was our little party crasher.

We listened to Christmas music on Pandora and hauled out boxes upon boxes of  decorations this morning. 

Until all of the decorating was a little too much for our baby.

To top off a very festive weekend we celebrated my sweet, little Godson Daren's birthday.  The kids went to bed without a fuss tonight after running around with the Lemke kids.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Enjoying Fall

These are our first attempts at Christmas pictures....  very sweet and cute...  but we'll keep trying!
The kiddos had lots of fun and smiles at the park today.  We nicknamed them "Cautious" and "Fearless."  Miles is careful as he climbs the ladders and balances on the beam.  Hadley launches herself down the slides head first.

Mommy's tired from a busy weekend.  Dinner Friday with an old friend, errands and out with Mike Saturday night (Argo and the Pig and Fiddle - both we'd highly recommend) and today brunch with friends, laundry and dinner with Grandma.  Now Mike and I are trying to stay awake as we try to convince Miles that it's night-night time.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A sick little Rose

Little Rose came down with a fever this weekend.  She's on the mend now but spent a quiet couple of days taking her own temperature.  Miles also had pink eye last week.  Ahhhh - just another week in the Gray household.

New this week:  Miles is diligently practicing writing his name and makes pretty successful efforts when he traces the letters.  He can also (most of the time) spell his first name out loud.  I asked him today what he is thankful for and he replied "Grandma and Grandpa." 

Hads has been impressing us with her animal sounds repertoire.  She knows the sounds for a cat, dog, cow, pig, fish, horse, bird, monkey, and sheep.  She also is speaking in more 2-3 word sentences:  "more Mimi," "bye-bye baby," "up mama," "no daddy," and "Hadley shoe."

 Overall we spent a quiet weekend at home - here the kids are watching the first snow fall of the season.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween

I love this time of year.  Fall is the official kick-off to a wonderful holiday season.  As I was thinking about what I was going to write tonight and uploading pictures I didn't realize how much has happened in the last week and how many great pictures I took.  The pictures tell a better story then I often can. 

Monday night we carved pumpkins.  Miles wanted a 'scary' face and Hadley got a little baby faced pumpkin.
Starting last Sunday Miles had a fever, no appetite and was very tired.  He stayed home with grandpa and grandma for 2 days.  Here he is - trying to join in on the festivities but needing to rest his head on the table.
Hadley loves trying fun new things and loves to ham it up for the camera.
They both loved lighting the pumpkins with candles and watching them glow.
Wednesday, Halloween day, was Miles first day back at school.  He was fever-free but probably not 100% himself.  Here they are dressed in black and orange for the day.
A fun new thing at our house is to take care of our babies.  This usually results in Miles and Hadley fighting over who gets to tote around the baby carrier but when they are getting along they both love to feed and care for their babies.
 My baby feeding her baby...
 ...and then taking a little nip herself.
Halloween this year was a gorgeous, clear night.  After a hurried dinner they donned their costumes.  Miles was a dinosaur and Hadley a ladybug.
Miles knew that candy was waiting for him behind every door and was excited to go out.
Hadley was not yet convinced this was a good idea.
Ready to make the rounds!
After a stop at grandma and grandpa's for big goodie bags we went to the first neighbor's house.  We had rehearsed with Miles saying 'trick or treat!' and 'thank you.'  He did an excellent job and was excited to climb the steps and ring the bell at each house.  When our neighbor held out her candy bowl Miles and Hadley each tentatively took one.  She encouraged them to take more and all of a sudden Hadley was grabbing candy by the fistful and shoving them into her bucket.  As we left each house Hadley waved goodbye and said "bye-bye baby" and blew a big, dramatic kiss.  They left that house happily eating candy - chocolate smeared everywhere.  

Besides candy eating drinking out of a straw is the new must-do sport around our house this week. 

If you're really thirsty it's best just to throw it back quickly to get every last drop.

Miles is an excellent big brother and can open the fridge and refill Hadley's cup all by himself.  When she needs more she'll tell him "more Mimi."

Still taking care of her baby.
Lounging with his belly hanging out on Saturday morning.
Since we have so much candy if Miles and Hadley are members of the Clean Plate Club after dinner they can each choose one piece to eat.  Here Hadley devoured a Twix.
 "Did I get a little on my face?"
Miles was feeling better enough to want me to snap photos of him jumping up and down - here he is actually getting a little air.
Here's our pretty girl all dolled up. 
Yes, a bow is actually staying in!
 While we all left the room Hadley grabbed our tablet and tried to compute.
 Hadley wants to do everything Miles does.  My goofy, lovable kids.
Today the Sievers and my mom came over for dinner.  Miles and Hadley got to play with a real baby!  Lots of love was showered on Kennedy.  Doesn't Kenny look so happy?