Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer fun despite the weather

Hadley is 6 weeks old already! Our days together, Tuesdays through Thursdays, while Miles is at school, consist of reading books together, doing tummy time, taking naps and walks. We also went garage sale-ing (it's amazing what you can get for $1 - like 14 matchbox cars which Miles will love), went to ECFE (we're taking a 0-5 month class and meeting many other moms and young babies), and baby yoga. We did our first baby yoga class today and Hadley was awake and cooing the entire time. I love yoga bonding with my baby. Here's Hadley relaxing while I took a shower.
Mike thinks she looks like the children's book character, Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon.

I think she looks like my little, pretty princess. She is cooing and smiling more and more each day. She makes sounds like "ahhh," and "coo," and what sounds like "ay-buck."

We are very happy to say that we were able to publicly bank Hadley's cord blood after her birth. Umbilical cord blood is rich with blood-forming cells, cells that are no longer needed after delivery. But these cells may be needed by someone with a life threatening disease like leukemia or lymphoma who needs a transplant to survive. We donated Hadley's cells to the Carolinas Cord Blood Bank, part of Duke University. It's nice to know that her umbilical cord blood which normally would just be disposed of as medical waste, is banked and may give hope to a family who's loved one needs a transplant. For more information on cord blood donation go to

Miles is such a big boy he's wearing a helmet when bike riding. (This amazes me since just a year ago he was my baby!) He resisted the helmet at first so I had to put mine on to convince him to wear his. I'm sure I looked ridiculous sitting on our patio, with Hadley in the Baby Bjorn, wearing a helmet watching Miles bike around the driveway in his helmet.

He loves watering the flowers and sitting in the big chairs. He's a very good helper.
Yesterday we went to Mike's company's family picnic and despite the rain had a good time and also trekked to the park using our new double stroller. Today we visited the Arboretum. It's nice to take a little time to smell the roses.
Mike and I love the fun times we spend with our two little movie stars.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy Day

Everyday I think, "can the baby get any cuter, sweeter, more dear?" The answer is always yes, she can! This week Hadley has been busy cooing at grandmas, smiling at everyone and looking at us with her huge, blue eyes. She's discovered the joy of the ceiling fan and monkey mat - just like her brother. There is something special about how newborns just snuggle into you. I love toting Hadley around on walks in the Baby Bjorn or cuddling her close throughout the days.Big brother Miles continues to amaze us everyday with the things he does and says. This week he counted to ten - "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 7." Working on his manners he said to me (all in one sentence) "here you go, thank you, you're welcome."

He's very interested in all of the baby things - bottles, baby toys and the breast pump are fascinating new items for him.

In a smart AND cute moment he put Mike's flip-flops on (the thong between his toes and everything) and proudly marched around the living room singing and clapping his hands.

Everyday Miles wants to hold Hadley. He gives her kisses and likes to rest his head on her head. Every time he holds her we've been taking their picture together. This morning he wanted to hold her again and I didn't have the camera out but he quickly bossed me "picture mommy." Here are only a few of the tender and goofy moments (I almost included a picture of Miles shoving Hadley off of his lap when he was done with her.).

I love holidays like Father's Day. What better way to spend a Sunday then honoring and spending time with family? In two years Mike has become a dad x 2. Life in our household is often crazy but we're a happy, functioning family because of Mike. He's a great dad. This week we started Hadley on one bottle a day of breast milk. (Yeah! I have a little more freedom now if I want to be away for more then 2 hours.) Here's Mike feeding her the first bottle. She took it like a champ.

Miles loves Curious George and often requests to watch on TV or see on the computer "monkey ah-ah-ah." Here our little monkeys are hanging with daddy.

Father's Day started with Starbucks and cold medicine for Mike. We then had my parents, Mike's parents and Rachel's family over for brunch. This afternoon Mike, me and and the kids took a walk and had another family dinner with Mike's parents. Mike and I each got to celebrate the day with our dads. Since both of our dads have been around this week Miles has been excitedly exclaiming "2 grandpas!"

I want to wish a very special Father's Day to my brother, Matt, who got to celebrate this year with his newborn, Bradyn Matthew. Little Bradyn decided to come 5 weeks early but is so precious, cute and healthy. Congratulations Matt and Janelle! We've skyped with the little guy but can't wait to meet him in-person soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where did the month go?

What would we do without grandparents? Miles and Hadley are so loved by so many people - but most especially by their five grandparents. Group hug - Miles, Grandpa Nickolay and Hadley.Hadley meeting Grandpa and Grandma Gray for the first time.
Enjoying the sun with Grandma Nickolay.
And visiting Great Grandpa Nickolay in New Prague.
On our New Prague trip we also visited one of the kids great-great aunts, Lucy, who in her late 80s still works part-time at the bank.

Miles has been going to school three days a week since Hadley's been born. Mondays and Fridays he's home with us. He misses his baby sister when he's gone and always wants to "hold the baby" when he gets home. He gives her lots of love for about two minutes but then shoves her away when he's done. It's very sweet while it lasts. Hadley just goes with the flow.
Relaxing on a day home with mom.

One of our family activities this weekend was to go to the Shakopee baby fair. Mike and Miles met the Vikings mascot and a couple of cheerleaders, we did some kids crafts and got lots of free samples at the vendor booths. One of the highlights was Miles touring a fire truck. He LOVES fire trucks (we have several fire truck books and engines at home and talk about fire trucks on a daily basis). He was a little hesitant at first to tour the real thing but with daddy by his side this cool kid had fun.
Where did the month go? Our sweet Hadley Rose is one month old today. She continues to be the most laid back baby. Besides letting out a little cry once in awhile full out crying is very unusual for her. The few times we have heard it we know something must be really wrong. Today, on her one month birthday, she seems to have come down with a cold. Her eyes are swollen and watery and when laying flat she's congested. Please say a prayer that our little newborn gets well soon!
Like I mentioned - even when sick she cooperates fully with pictures and looks darn cute too. At one month Hadley follows our faces with her eyes and is lifting and turning her head from side to side when on her tummy. She continues to nurse well and we're estimating that she's easily over 10 pounds now. No more newborn sized clothing for her!
Hadley loves to snuggle and so do I so the Baby Bjorn is perfect for us! We get to snuggle while doing things like taking walks and doing laundry.
Our family - one month post Hadley's birthday. Mike and I don't look too tired, do we?

Sunday, June 5, 2011


My happy boy.

My little doll. All dressed up hanging out with mommy!

Helping in the kitchen.

Miles' new goofy face.

Taking a bath.

All clean!

Finally splashing in the kiddie pool.

Time goes by so quickly sometimes. Hadley is already 3 weeks old. Miles amazes us everyday with the new things he says and does. And June is here! This week I tried to remember and record the special moments with my two little loves. These things are so easy to overlook and quickly can slip away unnoticed amidst the busyness of everyday life. Here are some of these moments.

  • Singing all day long - "Mary Had A Little Lamb," "ABCs," "Twinkle, Twinkle"
  • Playing music, spinning in circles and when the song ends clapping and saying "yeah!"
  • Crawling on the floor, acting like a kitty and wanting to be pet on the head.
  • Reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and getting all of the words right - "Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? I see a red bird looking at me..."
  • Feeding Hadley early one morning I was watching a movie in which a baby was crying. Hearing a baby cry woke up both Mike and Miles. We heard Miles say "where baby go?" He's always very alert and concerned for Hadley's well-being. He's a protective older brother already!
  • Saw a picture of me and my siblings as young children and correctly identified all of us by name. So smart!
  • Mike asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he replied "ice cream."
  • During tummy time she turns her head from side to side.
  • This week I felt like she smiled at me purposefully for the first time. She crinkles her eyes and her whole face lights up when she smiles.
  • Loves to lay her head on our shoulders and snuggle in with her little butt sticking out. I think she's comforted by the warmth and our heartbeats.
  • When snuggling against me she often slings her little arm around over my shoulder - as if she's giving me a hug.
This week our family made our first two outings together. Mike and I are quickly realizing that getting us all out of the door will now take more planning and time. I also am so incredibly amazed and thankful for all of the kindness and generosity everyone has shown to us since Hadley has been born. We are very lucky.