Sunday, March 22, 2015

Grandview 2015

This was our third annual trip to Grandview Lodge in Nisswa - we stayed in the exact same house (beautiful view of the 8th fairway), ate the same yummy breakfast, swam in the pool, and had lots of fun with family.

These first two pictures are from before we left for the weekend. I love staying home on Mondays and Fridays with the kiddos - they love it too because everyday they ask if I'm going to stay with them tomorrow. We often like to spend the mornings in our pjs - here, we even decided to play outside... in our pjs. Anything goes sometimes.

All of the cousins were SO excited the first night we arrived at Grandview.
We had them snuggle in for a movie before bed so they'd calm down and get sleepy.

At the pool
The adults and kids played pool and Foosball at the house we rented. 
Movie night #2
Running to the main lodge for breakfast
At breakfast - the kids get to pick whatever they wanted to eat (as long as they had a side of fruit). The first morning Miles ate a huge donut, a whole waffle with strawberries and whipped cream, and a side of fruit. This morning Hadley wanted lots of bacon.
After breakfast
We all enjoyed the water slide again and this year Hadley was brave enough to want to go by herself. This morning she was the only one on the slide for awhile and must have gone down it 20 times! That girl is fearless! Here she is zooming down with either Mike or I always catching her at the bottom.
This is our water baby.
Hanging out in the hot tub.
In the splash pad.

Cousin picture in front of the lodge.
Miles and Hadley eagerly anticipated this trip with their cousins and even made a sign before we left to mark the occasion.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring is in the air!

Sunny + 45 degrees + no work + my family = a very happy mama.  Today I took a walk and had to take off my wool stocking cap it was so warm! I love this weather - it gives me hope that spring is right around the corner.

Here are some moments from this week captured on my phone.

Hanging out with Kennedy
Watching a movie with Corey (taken 3 minutes before Corey got sick and had to go home :( )
Air hockey (and a trampoline park and laser tag and bowling) at Miles' friend's birthday party
Just doing a little drooling - I mean dreaming while we toured a few houses on the Parade of Homes
We're gathering inspiration for our eventual home remodel
I pulled out a game I bought at a garage sale a few years ago and these two literally played with it for hours this weekend
I was lucky enough to go to a barre class on Friday morning and lucky enough to have these two come with me. All of the ladies in class commented on how good they were!
We purchased a couple of helmets for the RAZR
Well, why wouldn't I just hang out in a dinosaur costume?
Like my tail?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Texas 2015

We just returned from our annual trip to Rockport, Texas. This year Mike stayed 5 nights (it was supposed to be 4 but he was stuck because of ice storms in Dallas) and the kids and I stayed 7 nights. We really enjoy doing the same things there every year - being outside, riding bikes, taking walks, playing on the beach, and eating a lot of good food.
And we're off! On our way with our little frequent flyers.
Ahhh, fresh air, waves crashing, and relaxing right away.
Since they could walk they've been riding little bikes around on the deck in the mornings.
We eat really good food at local restaurants and at my parents' house. Doesn't this breakfast look yummy?
Dining al fresco on the deck with my mom's delicious cooking.
Although the weather wasn't the greatest - we did have a couple of decent days in the 60s with no cold wind and rain. We took advantage of every minute outside. Here we are at Rockport Beach.

Having a picnic of freshly made tamales from the local market.

The water temperature had to be around 50 degrees but it didn't stop the kids from plunging in. This year they loved to "surf" on boogie boards, go up to their armpits in the water, and pull boats on ropes through the water.


We had two nights with spectacular sunsets.

The kids love hanging out with grandma and grandpa. This year they enjoyed wrestling, playing on the beach, and making music with grandpa and legos, card games, and reading with grandma.

Eating Texas BBQ at Rudy's in Corpus Christi.
We made the rounds of indoor activities on a cold, dreary day. Here we are at the Fulton Mansion education center.
Yee-haw! Miles is ready to rope some longhorns.
Hadley's a southern belle.

Ready to eat seafood at Charlotte Plummer's restaurant.

Picking oranges at the neighbor's.

Feeding the ducks.

Playing at the park.

At the aquarium with Corey and Kennedy.
I flew back by myself with the kids and they truly are awesome travel companions.

Thanks mom and dad for another great trip! We're looking forward to coming back next year!