Sunday, November 24, 2013

The things they say...

I kept a notebook nearby to capture some of the things they said this week...


Miles:  I know how to do patterns.  Orange, black, orange, black, orange, black.
Me:  How about this one, Miles, Hadley, Miles, Hadley, Miles, Hadley.
Miles:  How about this one?  Pizza, beer, pizza, beer, pizza, beer.

One night after school Miles described a science experiment they did - "Mom, you need a plastic tray and a cup filled with vinegar.  Then you squirt blue into the vinegar then you add salt and it ERUPTS."

During dinner - "Mom, I love everything you make.  Thanks for cooking mommy."

Saturday night we played cards and Miles explained the rules of the game high-card and was the dealer.  I asked him where he learned to play and he replied, "old grandpa Nickolay taught me to play cards."


Mike ran to get pizza for dinner one night and as Hadley looked out the window and waited for him she said, "I can't see daddy's car because his car is black and the sky is black."

She likes to play with my makeup and study my morning routine and often wants to get in on the action - "I want some more toothstick and flosser."  (chapstick and floss)

When asked if she wanted to go to church she replied, "I want to sing to Jesus."

Here are pics from my phone from the weekend.
We celebrated my Godson's 5th birthday today.  Happy birthday Daren!

So honored to be this sweet boys Godmother.

It was very cold Saturday so after running lots of errands in the morning we decided to snuggle in for the afternoon and evening.  We spend a couple of relaxing hours beading which the kids really enjoyed.

Miles made two necklaces for himself and then announced "the next one's for you mommy!"

This girl LOVES her daddy.

Picnic dinner-movie-ice cream night

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just checking in

Hadley's 30 months developmental assessment arrived in the mail and now that she's older we made it into a fun 'test' to see if she could do everything in the questionnaire.  She did so well - as she says - she's ready for preschool.  She can draw shapes, identify letters, sing many songs, speak in full paragraphs, stand on one foot in tree pose, jump, run fast, and keep up with her brother in most ways.  At times she's also persistent and will employ every two-year-old trick to get her way (whining, crying, general tantrums).  She loves taking care of a baby doll, jumping on her trampoline and being mama and daddy's helper. 

This weekend Miles got a postcard with a dolphin on it and Hadley received one with a panda from Grandma Nickolay's trip to San Deigo.  When Miles saw his he exclaimed "a shark!"  When Hadley saw her she's exclaimed "a care bear!" 

Miles is excelling at Little Saints Preschool.  His teacher reports that he's well-behaved, social and likes to participate.  When working on his handwriting worksheets or art projects he likes to take his time - he's never in a hurry to rush through these things.  He is one of the most genuinely happy kids I know - he's always smiling, has the best giggle and is always up for an impromptu dance party.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween

October felt like a whirlwind.  I got back late last Sunday night from a week in Las Vegas (part conference, part total fun).  While I was away for almost three weeks last month having lots of adult adventures my November will be about family, catching up at home and the holidays.  Hopefully this will translate to getting back in the groove with the blog.

In the meantime, please enjoy the pictures.

Carving pumpkins

Hadley wanted to carve the smallest pumpkin

Miles wanted the biggest one

Jake from "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" and a ladybug

Going trick-or-treating

Fall at the Arboretum

The highlight was seeing 11 turkeys up close