Monday, May 27, 2013

Moving Up and Playing Out

I was so proud of my little buddy this week - he had his 2-day preschool "moving up" program and party at Little Saints Preschool.  At every program like this to date he's ended up on my lap instead of singing with his friends in the front.  To help mentally prepare him we talked about what it would be like to stand with his friends and sing his special songs.  My boss also gave him a special good luck charm which would help make him brave.  The day before the program he was getting very excited and kept playing with his charm - transferring it from hand-to-hand and putting it in and out of his pockets.  The day of the program he lost his charm and almost was on the verge of tears heading to school that morning.  As the kids paraded into the room I didn't see Miles.  Then, a few seconds after everyone else, Miles marched in - grinning and so proud.  He sang two songs - This Little Light of Mine and a silly dance song that I think is called Tikki Tot.  He sang so well and received a certificate and medal.  After the program we got to play in his classroom and have root beer floats.  He had a wonderful school year with his teacher, Miss Emily.  We are so happy that he is in such a great school now. 

During the program Hadley was waving and yelling "hi Mi-Mi!"  She was such a proud sister AND I think that she thinks she's a preschooler too - she stood next to Miles in the front for most of the program.  He explained to his friends on either side of him that "this is my sister." 

We went up to the cabin for the first time this year for the long weekend.  By the pictures you'd never know that it was spring and almost June.  Despite the cold temperatures and drizzly, dreary weather we jumped in puddles, took nature walks, played on the swings and in the playhouse, had a campfire, celebrated Bradyn's birthday and played soccer.  
Miles dubbed himself and Corey the "big kids" and Bradyn and Hadley the "little dudes." 
The little dudes started the puddle jumping fun.

Miles and Hadley tried s'mores for the first time

Later I found the graham crackers and marshmallow sitting on Hadley's lawn chair - she left everything but the chocolate.

Hanging on the playhouse porch

So much fun in the playhouse.  They loved pretending to sell ice cream out the windows.

The "little dudes" look so cool

I was delusional for a moment when I thought that the adults could play a game of washers.  As soon as I got the game out the little ones swarmed it.  Maybe the adults can play in 10 years.

The girl cousins

After a busy weekend we came home to see Grandma and Grandpa Gray - we're so excited to have them with us for a visit!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Turning rain into beauty and fun

We planned to play outside this afternoon and just as shorts were put on, sunscreen was applied and shoes were velcroed rain started dripping from the sky.  Then it started pouring.  Instead of driving us back inside M and H played in the spring shower.  Hours later M turned to H and said "wasn't that fun Hadley?  We had so much fun in the rain."

Eating corn on the cob for the first time - it's so nice having teeth and chomping on cobs!

Through the slats of her crib

I'm so lucky - the universe sent these two angels to me

Starting to rain

I got a new lens for the camera and have been playing with it this weekend which sparked Miles' interest.  Under close supervision (we usually have the camera strap around both of our necks) he took many pictures - including this one.  Good shot Miles!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Rose!

This is an extra special day.  Not only is it Mother's Day (a well-deserved shout out to all of the busy, patient, loving, caring, lovely mom's out there!) but it's my mom's birthday AND Hadley's 2nd birthday.  For the last few weeks we've excitedly been discussing this day.  Hads would proclaim daily "Happy Burpday!, burpday candles!, burpday cake!"  She also proudly displays two little fingers if you ask her how old she is and emphatically insisted on an Elmo-themed party (ok, for a few days she wanted a Cubby birthday party - Cubby is a fat, little boy on the Jake and the Neverland Pirates show on Disney).  There was a lot of anticipation for the big day.  We celebrated with a wild party on Saturday.  Highlights include:
  • a lovingly decorated carrot with cream cheese frosting Elmo cake (it only took Mike 3 hours to do this - that time doesn't include baking the cake and the base layer of frosting)
  • The Hokey-Pokey, Chicken Dance and Gummi Bears Song dance party
  • Gifts including a: Bilibo, fishing pole, Twilight Turtle, and trampoline - all were hits
  • spaghetti dinner
Sweet Hads had a good day but has a hit of a stomach bug so was a little less exuberant then usual.  

I wrote a little toast to my beautiful daughter...

Hadley when you were born two years ago the song lyrics "how wonderful life is while you're in the world" by Elton John kept running through my head.  Just by being your own sweet, funny, sunny self - you brighten up the world and leave a trail of happiness everywhere you go.  How wonderful life is now that you're in my world.  We're so lucky to have a daughter like you.  Happy birthday Hadley Rose!

As I mentioned, this weekend we did a lot of celebrating.  Today we went to church and brunch and celebrated everything again.  I received the loveliest homemade gifts from the kids - a painted apron, a sign made of footprints and lots of little hand-print cards that I'll be hanging in my office tomorrow.  I'm one lucky mama. 

An Elmo fruit platter - definitely Pintrest-worthy

The artist at work

The creation

Surveying the decorations before everyone arrives

Testing out the party hats and being goofy

Daddy and two-year old daughter

Just hanging out... ready for the party to start...

Excited!  Miles told me "Mom, all of my friends are coming over for the party.  I mean my cousins."

Party girl

Grandpa and Hadley

Grandma and Grandpa Nickolay

Uncle Matt, Auntie Jan and Bradyn

Uncle Graham, Auntie Rachel, CoCo and Kenny


We always try to get a cousin picture - because they change so quickly and we'll soon be adding a 6th!

Grandpa performed a puppet show to make all of the kiddies giggle.

Two girls

A little break in the action

The whole party crew

As soon as the cake was set in front of her, mid song, she blew the candles out like a pro - she'd been practicing.

My Mother's Day photo (this was probably take 10 of 25)

The two birthday girls - Happy birthday AND Mother's Day mom!

In the midst of all of the celebrating this is what Hads really wanted to do

The big kids

All of this partying exhausted us.  We put Miles on a break for hitting Mike and when it seemed really quiet for an extended period of time this is what I found - he was totally out.

My two joys!