Sunday, April 25, 2010

On the Outside

Who's this cool, preppy looking baby standing up like a big boy?

I'm outta here! No more playing in the nursery for me!

Making the long hallway trek to Ruby.

All boy - playing with his new truck.

An innovative means to carry toys while crawling.

Reading a book in my easy chair - thanks Grandma Nickolay!

Grandma Nickolay also bought me cool Nike sandals.
Unfortunately my feet are a little too fat to fit into them!

It's official - Miles has now lived as long on the outside as he did on the inside - the inside of mommy that is! Wow - what a big boy and what major changes can happen in a quick 9 months. Our big baby is eating more and more table foods - Mike and I grilled turkey burgers this week and Miles had a little side of cooked ground turkey with cheddar cheese - his first dinner with us in which he ate the same foods that we did. He's also moved on from many jarred organic baby foods to the real things - bananas, pears, cheese, cottage cheese, peas, beans, sweet potatoes and more. Welcome to the world of real food little one! I also have to take a moment to brag about my big brained boy (yes, his head is in the 75%) - he accurately and consistently (we have witnesses) does the sign for "all gone/done" when he's full and wants no more food. He's so smart!

Other highlights this week:
  • book club (aka mom's night out)
  • a note home from Miles' school this week read "Miles had another great day. He was very smiley. We love him so much!" (They really do.)
  • garage sale-ing (new clothes and toys for Miles purchased)
  • we've started our home office makeover (I should post before and after pictures when it is done)
  • spending quality time with my parents and sharing a lovely meal tonight (Miles sat at the head of the table and munched on peas.)
Have a lovely week everyone!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All About Baby

Computing just like daddy! Grandpa Gray will be so proud.

Getting tickled by daddy while mama captures the sweet smiles on the camera.

Oh pure joy!

(Smile is an anagram for Miles after all.)

Getting ready for breakfast! He looks so big in his chair all of a sudden!

Enjoying the sunshine and the green yard with mama.

Helping with the laundry.
(Bonus - the laundry basket acts like a tiny play pen for a very busy baby!)

Here's the socks mom!

So sweet!

All of me is clean except for my face.

Miles' love of cell phones continues. He was playing with Mike's phone when all of a sudden Mike heard a voice on the line. Miles succeeded in unlocking the phone (by pressing 2 specific buttons) and dialing 4-1-1 directory assistance. "Hello, can you tell me the number for the milk factory?"

When I called daycare for a report of how Miles was doing they told me he didn't want to go down for his morning nap. Apparently there were 3 babies in the sleeping room all talking to one another. Miles' teacher said that they finally pulled Miles out of there because he was sitting up, jabbering away. I guess Miles was the baby party instigator.

We visited the doctor for Miles' 9 month appointment today. He is a very healthy baby. The doctor told us that he is right on track developmentally and is a very engaging and social boy. His stats (he peed on the scale when his measurements were taken):
  • Height: 27 1/2 inches (25%)
  • Weight: 19 lbs. 1 oz. (55%)
  • Head: 46 1/2 cm (75%)
He's a sweet boy with a big brain!

His teachers reported that now that Miles is crawling he's their little shadow. Wherever they go, little Miles is right behind them. I guess he likes older women!

That morning we had ECFE. The first 30 minutes is spent with the moms and babies just playing and chatting. The next 20 minutes we do circle time - sing songs, play with a parachute, etc. The last 40 minutes the moms leave the babies and go to a conference room to discuss a different topic each week (this week's topic was feeding). There were 10 babies in class this day and 4 teachers to watch all of them while we mom's have our "adult time." There is a phone in the classroom so that the teachers can call one of us if someone needs their diaper changed or has been crying for more than 5 minutes. Well, about 10 minutes into the separation time the phone rings. Lisa, our parent educator, answers and when she hangs up she tells us that this has never happened before. The teachers with the babies want all of the moms back in the room because all of the babies are having a huge meltdown. I was the first mom back on the scene and I quickly scanned the room for the little dark haired guy (he's easy to pick out in a crowd of babies). Each teacher was holding two crying infants a piece - every baby was crying except for one.... Miles was sitting in his carseat, in the middle of all of this chaos, happily playing! A couple of babies started the crying and I guess it was contagious - they all started - except for Miles. The teachers all told Miles he gets a gold star for the day for being such a good baby. It was a comical morning.

Miles loves books and we read to him often. He is now very adept at turning the pages and flipping the flaps in the peek-a-boo board books. I'm amazed at what he can do!

This morning our family was lounging in bed and Ruby was bringing Mike her toy to throw. He would throw it and Ruby would retrieve it and Miles thought this was the most hysterical thing - he was giggling so hard and squealing in delight.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


First day using a sippy cup - not too shabby!

I'm so happy I can stand up!

Don't we all wish we were this happy upon waking in the morning?

Miles and Corey. This is Miles' very serious face.
He didn't want to share the cell phone.

Hanging out with dad, Lauren and Emily.

Today Miles Bennett is 9 months old! He gets bigger and busier by the day. He now has the know how to confidently pull himself up in his crib and on the furniture to stand. He also loves to crawl all over the house. He's no longer satisfied staying on a blanket in the nursery. He loves to hit the open road of the hallway - especially to follow Ruby around. I can't say enough how sweet and smiley of a boy he is. This morning he woke up about 5:50 am and played happily on his own in his crib until we picked him up at 6:30. Much of the time he spent proudly standing up singing to us "ya-ya-ya." He is now a very accomplished peek-a-boo player and loves cell phones to no end. I guess he's a high-tech guy like his dad. This week I found myself thinking multiple times a day how lucky and happy I am to be Miles' mommy.

Freedom for Mommy and Daddy too!
Miles' Nickolay grandparents are back from Texas and they are oh so happy to see their little grandsons again. Miles is thrilled to be getting all of their attention too. This weekend they were generous enough to babysit Miles on Friday and Saturday nights - what a luxury! On Friday evening Mike headed to beer club in Waconia and I went to a kid's consignment sale and dinner with my friend, Jill (Nova' mommy). We didn't hit the jackpot at this particular sale but each found a few treasures for the kiddos. Miles now has 10 more books, a wooden 3-piece puzzle which he loves and a few other new toys to play with. I had a great time and actually stayed out until 11! This might be a new record since Miles was born.

Saturday night Mike and I went on only our second "date" since July 11, 2009. We saw "The Blindside" at the Hopkins dollar theater (loved it) and went for dinner at P.F. Chang's. As we were talking over dinner, just the two of us, we commented that we used to have nights like this one all the time for years before Miles was born. It was fun to go out as a couple again (not as a mommy and daddy) and we would love to do this at least once a month now.

Tonight the Carlson Family, Rachel, Graham and Corey and my parents came over for dinner. It was a great end to a wonderful weekend. Let the good times continue!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy 1st Easter Miles!

Wow - look at this basket full of goodies!

I like Easter!

Busy playing with second cousins Jenna and Sam.

Great Uncle Lumpy sure knows how to make me giggle!

Swinging with Great Aunt Jodie and cousin Meagan.

Thanks Great Aunt Carol for the Easter basket!

Lunch fun with honorary Auntie Sharon Huse.

First time in a restaurant highchair - not too shabby!

Road Trip
Friday morning Rachel, Corey, Miles and I road tripped to Mankato to visit our wonderful family friend Sharon Huse. We lunched at Panera, she gave the babies adorable puppets and lots of snuggles and we mall walked. Sharon has known me since birth and has always been there during my most important life moments - and now she continues to be like family by being involved in Miles' life. We are so lucky to know her! It was a great girls + babies day out.

We started off the morning going to church and Miles was the BEST behaved baby in the cry room. For lunch we headed to Tony and Lisa's house to get together with the Nickolay side of the family. We celebrated with 22 family members and Miles got to eat at the big table thanks to a booster seat left over from Tony and Lisa's children. My Godmother Carol generously gave Miles an adorable Easter bunny and musical toy which he happily banged on his tray all through lunch.

Next we headed to the Giesen side of the family and had dinner at Lumpy and Jodie's house with lots more uncles, aunts and cousins. The day was so beautiful that everyone sat outside in their big front yard and enjoyed the sunshine. Jodie even gave Miles his first push in a big swing on their swing set.

At both houses today we enjoyed lots of chit-chat, laughter and food. Miles was busy all day as the receiver of a lot of hugs and attention. We're lucky to have such a large loving family close by and miss those family members not here today. Happy Easter everyone!