Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beautiful Summer

Hugs from grandma!

Riding in style.

I could push this tractor forever!

Sweet face.

Ah, Summer
Lounging on a blanket in the shade, playing with toys.
Working on walking.
Going for wagon rides up and down the driveways.
Sitting on our new deck, sipping wine and enjoying the gorgeous weather.
Brushing tiny teeth for the first time.
Picnicking on the lawn with family.
Beautiful summer.

12 Month Check-up
Miles had his one year doctor visit on Tuesday evening. The instant he saw the scale he started screaming, turned bright red and shook his little clenched fists in the air. I've never seen him so mad. We hadn't even done anything to him yet. It was a rough visit for the little guy. He had to get both ears checked after his double ear infections, 3 shots and 1 finger prick. Overall, he's a very healthy baby and the doctor commented on what an engaging and good-natured (besides during the exam part) baby he is. Here are his current stats:
  • Height = 28 1/2 inches (15%)
  • Weight = 21 lbs 8.5 oz (30%)
  • Head = 46.7 cm (70%)
Don't be fooled by his lower percentiles. The doctor assured us he is still within the norm on his growth curve and we think he is on the verge of a growth spurt because this week he has been eating as much as a teenager (it seems)! He tried pork and strawberries for the first time and loved both. When sitting down to meals lately he aggressively cleans his tray and we just keep giving him more and more.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Am I not supposed to be in this cupboard?

Ahhhh, milk!

If I fit in your suitcase can I come with you?

Grandpas make the best pillows.

We are firmly in the 1-year old/toddler years (even though I still call Miles my little baby and sneak in as many smooches and cuddles per day as I can). He's walking! Everyone has witnessed this awesome feat except me - so I'm really debating whether or not to officially record it - but for Miles' sake I will. This past week he took his first free and clear steps. He still is in the walking phase in which he resembles a miniature drunken sailor but boy he can cruise around now!

Other big Miles' accomplishments this week include:

  • making the sound of a horse (clucking his tongue) which brings his animal repertoire to 2 as we add the horse sound to the elephant sound.
  • making lots of silly faces (scrunching up his face, throwing his head back with his mouth wide open (this is Grandpa Gray's contribution) and sticking out his tongue when he sees us do so.
  • His receptive language skills are soaring - we can tell him "put your potato in the refrigerator" or "throw the ball to mama" and he knows exactly what we're saying and does it!
  • obsession of the week remains his new little kitchen. Opening and closing the refrigerator and oven doors are just too irresistible.
  • We're also slowly weaning him from the bottle. He's dropped the mid-morning bottle and took his first sips of whole milk this week. By the end of the weekend he was taking up to 4 oz. of whole milk from his sippy cup like a champ.
After Miles was sick on his birthday we took him to the doctor on Monday morning and he was diagnosed with a double ear infection so is on antibiotics again. He stayed home from daycare with G & G Gray on Monday and G & G Nickolay on Tuesday. Mike and I couldn't be more thankful we have family close who can take such wonderful care of Miles when we're not here. We have his 1-year check-up on Tuesday evening so I'll post his new stats next week.

Mike and I are celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary and 11 year dating anniversary this month. On Friday I surprised Mike with an overnight trip to our first bed and breakfast in Northfield. Miles had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa Gray Friday evening and Saturday morning as Mike and I went to a winery, nice dinner and enjoyed the new bed and breakfast experience at The Magic Door B & B. This was Mike's first night away from Miles and only my second. Of course we missed our little man and ended up looking at pictures of him on our phones throughout the night but it was also great to get out and about just the two of us.

Happy Anniversary honey!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

With mama at my birthday party!

I'm happy my Gray Grandparents came from AZ to celebrate with me.

Hey cousin, what's on your head?

The birthday party gang.

Oh boy - what is this?!?

I love cake!

The fun continues...

Is it possible for a year to go by in an instant? It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that last year at this exact moment Miles and I were experiencing the hard journey of birth together and today my little one turned one year old! Our lives sometimes feel like an amazing race as we navigate the world as a little family of 3 but I try to take in and pause on the many special and ordinary moments - as time really does go by so fast.

This weekend can only be described as a party extravaganza. Saturday morning 25 friends and family gathered at a couples wedding shower for my brother, Matt, and his fiance, Janelle. Rachel and I were happy to host this celebratory event. The weather was beautiful as we had a lovely brunch in the yard, under the trees. Then we did a quick party turnaround because at 3:00 pm Miles' official birthday party started and we were happy to have both sets of grandparents, Godmother Rachel, Godfather Matt, Janelle, Graham, Sharon Huse and little cousin Corey help us celebrate. Miles is so blessed to have so many people who love him.

Looking back at pictures from the party it looks like Christmas morning - gifts and wrapping were strewn everywhere. Miles loves all of the books, toys, blocks, wagon, picnic table and kitchen he received. He's a lucky little boy! We ate some of Miles' favorite foods for dinner. On the menu were: turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, coleslaw, watermelon and of course cake. As I presented Miles with his slice of birthday cake everyone commented how it was kind of a big piece. In true 1 year old birthday form Miles devoured it. He was in sugar heaven. All rules about organic, healthy and sugar-free eating went out the door for the birthday celebration. We also all had fun with the entertainment of watching 2 little babies, Miles and Corey, play and sometimes wrestle together - funny moments included Miles snapping Corey's party hat off of his head, twice and a little friendly baby competition as they both tried to cook in the kitchen.

Today, Miles' true birthday, he was up early and went for a 7:00 am wagon ride outside with cousin Corey. Also, this morning I attended another lovely shower, hosted by aunts Nancy and Jody, while Miles and the guys stayed at our house and played with the new toys. Unfortunately, as the morning progressed, Miles didn't seem like his normal self and has since become sick with a fever and what we think is another ear infection. Being a mother has taught me so many things and today was no different. I wanted everything to be perfect and had these expectations that Miles would just have the best day of his life on his 1st birthday and the life lesson handed to me today was that somethings just don't work out as planned - and I have to me ok with that. This afternoon we spent quiet time cuddling. Miles actually fell asleep snuggled into me, with his head on my shoulder - just like when he was a newborn. Tylenol has helped and he's sleeping comfortably right now. I'm thankful his party was Saturday when he was feeling good.

Happy birthday my little one! This year has been amazing!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A baby... but not for long!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Just 1 year ago today we enjoyed a hot and fun holiday. Little did we know then that in exactly 1 week our little ball of joy would be born!

Miles and I enjoying the parade - 4th of July 2009

What a difference a year makes! This year we got to see the annual parade through Miles' eyes and it was fun. He was so alert to every new sound - fire engine sirens, brass bands, car horns and music blaring. He loved it! Miles' waving skills were pretty good before the parade but by the end of the show he was waving like he's ready to be on a float. Next year's kiddie parade - here we come!

Miles was an especially happy boy because his Gray grandparents arrived today from Arizona. He hadn't seen them since Christmas but it was as if only a day had passed - he was little Mr. Personality showing them how he can toddle behind his walking toy, make an elephant sound, drive his trucks, stand on his own for a few seconds at a time, practice using a spoon, and crawl, crawl, crawl! He is going to love all of the special, extra attention he'll get while grandma and grandpa are here. After a full day of playing I'm not sure who will be more tired - Miles or his grandparents!

So this week is Miles' last official week as a baby. I've been thinking a lot about this lately and wondering how a year can go by so quickly. Mike and I always comment on how it feels like Miles has been a part of our lives forever and we're so happy to have him. I've been trying to savor every last moment of being a mother to a baby as we're nearing the end of nursing, bottle feedings and cradling. It's amazing that just 1 year ago today we could only wonder at the possibilities of having this little unknown baby and today we can't imagine our lives without him because he brings us so much joy.

Cooling off in the pool.

Awww, this is the life!

Playing under the table.

Hanging out with Grandma & Grandpa Gray.

The gang (Carlsons, Grays and us) at the parade.

2010 4th of July