Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our first posting

We did it! We're starting to get organized enough to begin a blog! Well, in reality we don't feel all that organized right now. This weekend we've been wading through stroller and car seat reviews, nursery paint colors and several to-do lists. It's all a little overwhelming right now but we're trying to stay calm. :)

Today marks 28 weeks for Lil' Mikey! See the "About us" section for the origins of this cute nickname. Time seems to be flying by and standing still at the same time. Sarah just started doing "kick counts" per the doctor. Once a day she tracks how long it takes the little guy to kick 10 times. We've been doing this for three days and he’s averaging 10 kicks in about 6 minutes. When Sarah feels these movements she envisions a hyper little boy doing karate moves inside of her. Sarah, Rachel and Sharon also hit up the Jonathan garage sales this weekend and came home with a carload of baby clothes, a baby bathtub and a boppy. We're on our way to amassing all of the baby supplies. Sarah and Lil' Mikey also enjoyed a very centering yoga class today at CorePower Yoga in Edina.

We hope to post updates at least once a week to keep everyone in the loop. Subscribe on the left to get notifications of when we've added new content. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Seems like just the other day that your mom, dad and sisters were at our house in Elmendorf, AK for a supper of tacos. Following supper the kids were playing, Marsha and your mom were relaxing, and your dad and I had gone to Ray’s house to help him work on his two-and-a-half ton army truck (AKA hunting vehicle) when your mother decided it was time for you to be born. After a call to Ray’s house your dad and I came rushing back to our house, and he took your mother to the hospital where the life of young Michael Gray would soon begin. Now here it is 36 years later and you and Sara will soon be experiencing the same joy you mom and dad felt on that September day back in 1973.
    Good luck, and love to you both.
    NOTE: Your first ride in a vehicle was in a 1971 Blue Plymouth (known to our kids as the “blue haze”.) Your dad borrowed the car because he thought the ride from the hospital in his red three-quarter ton Ford pickup truck might be a little rough for you and your mother.

    Dick and Marsha Lowell

  2. Sarah, I love your blog--and your writing.
    P.S. Only you could look good in a tank top headband! Mom