Sunday, August 9, 2009

Twinkle In His Eyes

A twinkle in his eyes!

Cutie pie

Miles does tummy time everyday.

Miles' first play date with Daren and Sylvia.

Dining al fresco with Auntie Rachel.

We love snuggling

Look at that big belly after eating!

Comfy, cozy in his sleep sack

Tummy Time

Miles turned four weeks old this Saturday and we think that he is starting to smile at us. When he's awake he is so alert - he loves looking out the window and at the fan and a few times when he is looking right at us with those big, beautiful eyes and we're having a conversation together he'll give us a smile. As parents we firmly believe that it's because he loves us and that it is not because he has gas. He definitely has a twinkle in his eyes.

Miles had a few more visitors this week. Tuesday evening Sarah's friend Amy came over for a visit and kindly brought us a delicious dinner and the cutest argyle sweater vest for Miles. Wednesday afternoon Sarah's cousin Amy and two of her five kids stopped by. Amy's youngest, Daren, is almost nine months old and is such a big boy. Looking at him it is fun to think about what we have to look forward to!

This week we also received a call from the pediatrician's office that the state of Minnesota did not receive Miles' newborn screening test in time and the test would have to be redone. On Thursday, Sarah, Miles and Auntie Rachel trekked back to the hospital so the poor little guy could get his heal poked again. Luckily Auntie is a nurse and stayed by Miles' side while Sarah worried, near tears, in the waiting room. Mike says Sarah's mama bear insticts have kicked into high gear. During the poke Miles let everyone know he was not very happy about having to repeat this test but Sarah timed it right so that he could be fed right afterwards which always makes him a happy boy. After the traumatic (more so for Sarah then for Miles) trip to the hospital the three of us went to Lola's on Lake Waconia for lunch and Miles had his first outdoor dining experience with the girls. It was a gorgeous day out and Miles loves hanging out with the sisters. Soon enough it will be two sisters and two little boys going out to lunch together - we can't wait!

Friday both sets of grandparents and the Carlsons got together for an indoor bbq and we could really tell how much Miles is loved because even when he's getting his diaper changed he had an audience of adoring fans ohhing and ahhing over his every wiggle.

Saturday marked a big moment for Mike and Miles - daddy got to feed him his first bottle. Mike and Sarah were initially concerned that Miles might not like it but once we parents fumbled through the process of assembling the bottle and warming the milk (if Miles could talk he would cry "rookie parents!") Miles took to it immediately and it was gone in a flash. Mike will now give Miles a bottle every night which will allow Sarah time to be away from Miles for more then 1-2 hour stretches (not that she wants to be away because he's so loveable!).

Our little family is settling nicely into the realization that this new little human is here to stay and Mike and Sarah are loving and appreciating every moment.

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  1. He is SO cute!!! I know I keep saying it, but I am really excited to meet Miles in person!!! And, what an advanced little guy with the roll-over! Congratulations again, and we will see you Wednesday! -Jill