Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward

This new tub is kind of fun!

Lounging in the bath.

Cruising in a shopping cart like a big boy for the first time!

Thanks Grandma Gray for making me an awesome Mickey cart cover!
(My mom only got a few weird looks taking pictures of me in Target.)

Miles isn't too sure about Great Aunts Sue and Carol...

Partying with Great Grandpa, Great-Great Aunt Lucille, Great Uncle Don and the Great-Nickolay Aunts.

Colonel Sanders? No - just enjoying yogurt!

Is it Spring yet?
It sure feels like it! Today we threw off our jackets and the winter blues and actually enjoyed a lovely walk outside. Yes, the yards are muddy, the streets sandy and everything is still brown but you really appreciate a stroll when it's 60 degrees and sunny after a long, dark winter. Welcome to your first Spring Miles!

Spring Means Babies!
Friday Miles and I enjoyed another fun playdate with his baby pals Piper and Nicholas and I enjoyed chatting with their moms. On Saturday we went to a baby shower for my cousin and his wife, Brian and Brittany, who were in town from Bozeman, MT. They are having a little boy in June and we enjoyed seeing them and celebrating the new little Nickolay on the way. Miles hadn't seen these Nickolay relatives since Christmas and his fear of "strangers" is really starting to kick in. This is a normal part of a baby's development and I appreciate that Miles has a healthy attachment to Mike and I. Poor Great Aunts Sue and Carol though - they were so excited to see him but he was terrified of them at first. He quickly warmed up though and had a great time playing peek-a-boo with Uncle Don's hat. Congratulations Brian and Brittany!

Springing Forward
Miles spent the week perfecting his army crawl. On Saturday, Mike turned his back on Miles briefly while they were playing on the floor in his nursery and when he turned around Miles was almost out of the door! We also caught on camera him completely sitting up from a crawl position. You can also see from the pictures above we retired the now too tiny infant tub and graduated to a fun, inflatable one. The months are going by so fast now. Miles is 8 months old already! As I think wistfully of Miles' quickly disappearing babyhood every moment with the growing Miles is wonderful and fun. One of my favorites today was watching Miles bop to music on the iPod.

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