Sunday, April 25, 2010

On the Outside

Who's this cool, preppy looking baby standing up like a big boy?

I'm outta here! No more playing in the nursery for me!

Making the long hallway trek to Ruby.

All boy - playing with his new truck.

An innovative means to carry toys while crawling.

Reading a book in my easy chair - thanks Grandma Nickolay!

Grandma Nickolay also bought me cool Nike sandals.
Unfortunately my feet are a little too fat to fit into them!

It's official - Miles has now lived as long on the outside as he did on the inside - the inside of mommy that is! Wow - what a big boy and what major changes can happen in a quick 9 months. Our big baby is eating more and more table foods - Mike and I grilled turkey burgers this week and Miles had a little side of cooked ground turkey with cheddar cheese - his first dinner with us in which he ate the same foods that we did. He's also moved on from many jarred organic baby foods to the real things - bananas, pears, cheese, cottage cheese, peas, beans, sweet potatoes and more. Welcome to the world of real food little one! I also have to take a moment to brag about my big brained boy (yes, his head is in the 75%) - he accurately and consistently (we have witnesses) does the sign for "all gone/done" when he's full and wants no more food. He's so smart!

Other highlights this week:
  • book club (aka mom's night out)
  • a note home from Miles' school this week read "Miles had another great day. He was very smiley. We love him so much!" (They really do.)
  • garage sale-ing (new clothes and toys for Miles purchased)
  • we've started our home office makeover (I should post before and after pictures when it is done)
  • spending quality time with my parents and sharing a lovely meal tonight (Miles sat at the head of the table and munched on peas.)
Have a lovely week everyone!


  1. Gonna be completely honest... Now when I read anything on your blog that says "growing grays" I think still growing??? Maybe not growing by numbers but I bet you enjoy some growing every day! What a doll (I think its the hair). :) Aren't little boys the sweeyest thing?! Little girls are too but there is just something you hope that little boy could always stay this way...

  2. The growing grays could now be referring to the gray hairs I'm growing chasing after Miles. :)