Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby's Roadtrip

Hadley Rose is such a go-with-the flow baby. She is content and happy 99% of the time and is trying to talk more and more each day. Our little redhead makes us so happy.
Before she outgrows it, I needed to get a picture of our little peanut in her bassinet. She sleeps next to our bed right now and her grunts wake me up each night to feed her.

Hadley may be cooing a lot but big brother Miles' vocabulary is growing each day. I only wish I knew how many words he says now - too many to count. Funny "Miles-isms" this week include saying "cute" and "oh my gosh" in the exact same way I say them. Here the little musician is rocking out on his guitar. He loves to dance and has some good moves.

Today we took the kids to the Chanhassen 4th of July weekend celebration to participate in the kiddie parade. Hadley snoozed in the Baby Bjorn the whole time but we decorated Miles' wagon and he paraded through town with a couple of hundred other kids. The highlight for him was seeing the firetrucks which led the parade and helped to block the streets.

This weekend we road tripped to Moorhead to visit our new little nephew and cousin, Bradyn. This was Hadley's first mini-vacation and first stay in a hotel. Miles and Corey loved running up and down the hotel halls screaming and Hadley again just went with the flow. We had a great time and loved meeting the new baby. Here are all of the kids together.

Bradyn may only be 5 weeks younger than Hadley but as a preemie he's so tiny in comparison to our big girl.

Miles and Hadley hanging out in the king sized bed. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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