Sunday, August 7, 2011

12 weeks

Twelve weeks have come and gone so quickly. Not only is my little newborn now 12 weeks old and growing and changing so much but I'm back to work starting tomorrow. I can honestly say at this point not even 1% of me wants to go back and I've been dreading Monday morning all week. (Sigh...) I will miss my babies! Mike's parents will take care of Hadley this week and then next week both kids will start back at Children of Tomorrow 4 days per week.

We had another busy week. Activities of note: Hadley had a play date with 4 other little friends, Jill and Nova stopped by, Hadley and I spent 1 hour in the younger infant room at Children of Tomorrow to get to know the teachers and babies, we spent a morning at Linden Hills park on the toddler playground and in the wading pool with Corey and Rachel, in the mood for parks and splash pads we also visited Miller Park in Eden Prairie, and spent time with grandparents.

In between fun activities I jotted down a few notes about each child.


  • Starting last week she began to rollover when on her tummy. She has now rolled over 3 times.

  • She grabs and holds on to her dress, toys and her paci and is now starting to bring these items to her mouth.

  • This little lady can talk up a storm and will give you the brightest smile when she wakes up from naps and sees you.

  • Speaking of sleep, she sleeps through the night more often then not these days.

  • She loves to hold her left arm up and stare at it.

  • No more laying down for this baby - she wants to see the world. She will often try to pick up her head from a reclining position and try to sit up. In these moments I fondly call her Nosy Rosie.


  • Twice this week he came home from school and proudly told me what he saw on the way home. Once he saw a "yellow street sweeper" (quite a mouthful for a 2 year old) and another time a coyote. I love his vocabulary these days.

  • While watching him run around in his diaper this week it struck me what a lean kid he is. No more baby fat for Miles.

  • We were playing in the driveway and he proudly exclaimed " there's Miles' shadow!"

  • One morning Hadley was lying next to me on the couch and she was kicking her feet against my leg. Miles came over and said to her "no kicking mommy, baby" and pulled her feet away from me. My little protector! I know one day he'll protect Hadley as fiercely.

Best buds

She can hold her head up so high now.

I made Hadley a sock doll (dubbed "ugly doll" by me) just like the one I made Miles. One day this week she and ugly doll were inseparable.

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