Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hanging out

Christmas songs are playing on the stereo, the house is decorated and snow is on the ground. Christmas - we're ready! We spent a lot of family time together this weekend - hence all of the photos of us just hanging out.

Sometimes I get to Sunday night and I know funny, cute things happened during the week but I can't for the life of me think of any so this week I jotted down some notes. Miles makes us laugh all of the time -
  • While eating dinner he broke out into song (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell) "Hi-ho the dairy-oh, butter on my bread."
  • He loves to point out what he sees while riding in the car. He's now involving his sister in his sightings, "Hadley, see puppy?"
  • When I get home from work I always ask Miles questions about his day. I asked him - did you have a good day? He said, "How's my day daddy?" and wanted Mike to answer for him.
  • Mike was tickling Hadley and Miles the ever-protective big brother told me "Mike is hurting Hadley!"
  • Miles woke up one morning yelling "I have strawberries on my hands!" He had a bloody nose during the night so there was blood all over his hands and face. Our sweet, innocent boy thought it was strawberries.

Hadley is changing so much. I think that we can officially log it here that she is firmly in a pre-crawling stage. She rocks on all fours and can army crawl to any toy she wants. I was taking a video of her and Miles playing and realized that every few seconds Hadley had scooted to a different part of the room.

She also claps her hands together when playing and 75% of the time can sooth herself back to sleep on her own. She also loves her family. It doesn't matter who's holding her, when she sees me or Mike she holds out her little hands towards us and starts whimpering.
Eating solids is going much better. We switched her meal time to lunch - so her teachers at school have gotten her to eat 4-8 bites of rice cereal and banana. This weekend we continued this mid-day meal and introduced sweet potatoes. She isn't crying when we're trying to feed her but she also still isn't gobbling up the food. We can usually get her to eat most of what we offer her though.
"Are you talking about me?"
If her feet are bare, these toes are in her mouth. They just taste so good!
Santa's little helper.
I'll attempt over the next couple of weeks to get some good shots of the kids by the tree. It started out pretty well...
...but quickly progressed to these cuties rolling around on the floor.
Saturday night we went to the tree lighting ceremony at City Center Park. It was dark, snowy and cold but we bundled up and braved the elements. Santa rode in on a fire truck (Miles dream come true) and handed out candy canes before flipping the switch to light up the whole park.
Miles enjoyed his candy cane for dinner.
The snow out our window looked so pretty Saturday night.
I love these two!

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