Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beating the winter blahs

Today Miles told me that he likes to make people laugh. He and Hads sure make me laugh all (well, most) of the time. Hadley makes the funniest faces. One she pulls out often is to close her eyes and scrunch up her nose. She also shakes her head "no" a lot. We don't think she's being contrary - just conversational.

In the middle of a dreary winter we're readying ourselves for the beaches of Texas. Our little swimsuit model tries her 12 month suits on.Little bathing beauty.
This weekend Miles started to be extra conscientious when Hads was sleeping by telling us in a loud whisper "shhh, the baby's sleeping!" He was also utilizing every stalling tactic known to toddlers tonight when it was bedtime. The one that really gets us is "I have to go potty." Of course we're going to let him sit on his potty but when it's bedtime he wants to spend hours there. He told me "mommy, wait here with me." I sat down next to him and was trying my best to not engage him (since it was bedtime) but he was making funny faces and making me laugh and the next thing I knew he was running around the living room saying "mommy, let's play football." I had the giggles through all of this - Mike wasn't very happy with either of us. Miles finally did go to bed.

Today he got a haircut and didn't cry at all! He's such a big boy now - he even let them style his hair with gel.
While I cooked dinner tonight and made a pot of chili for tomorrow night Mike helped the kids with a Valentine art project. Mike literally turned his back from Miles for a second and he had paint all over his face. Again, I couldn't help but laugh.
Hads got into the paint too.
Not to be outdone by her brother in the hair department - during dinner she also tried to spike her hair with food gel. (Notice the little wings on the sides.)
To beat the winter blahs we headed to Mankato with the Sievers to visit with Sharon Huse. We met at the mall and did everything there but shop - ran around the play area, rode the little cars, played at the train table in Barnes and Noble, did crafts in the food court, rode the Merry-go-round and had lunch. We had a great time.

Saturday the Carlsons came over for dinner - it was fun visiting with them. Now, Mike and I are catching up on the Super Bowl. We were reminiscing how pre-kids we would host Super Bowl parties - now we wait to turn it on until after the kids go to bed and I'll be lucky if I make it through to the end. After a busy weekend going to bed early sounds pretty good.

Sharon & Hads

The three amigos driving around. Miles and Corey thought 3 was a crowd when they were all in this little car but driving down to Mankato Hadley was sitting in the middle of the boys - all in their car seats - and at one point each of the boys was holding her hand they they were fighting over her saying "my Hadley." "No, she's my Hadley."

Hadley's first time at a food court and sitting in a restaurant high chair.

Here comes trouble!

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