Sunday, May 20, 2012

Those kids are messy!

It's been an eventful couple of weeks.  Hadley turned 1, had surgery, the Gray grandparents arrived for a visit from Arizona and I quit my job and will soon start a new position in the Learning and Development department of a company just 5 miles from our house.  Whooo - sometimes it's the little things like messy faces that keeps me sane and grounded amidst so much change.   
Eating blackberries gives this baby a black beard!

Miles had remnants of blackberry juice all over his face too.
 Hadley is talking so much more now - her repertoire includes:  mama, daddy, hi, uh-oh, bye, she can bark like a puppy and makes truck and honking sounds when playing in her Cozy Coupe or with cars.  She also makes other babble noises that can sound like grammy or Miles depending on the context.  She can also stand for a few seconds on her own and everyone in the family has now witnessed her take 1 independent step without holding on to anything.  I worked later one day last week and she surprised me by riding a hot wheels bike in the driveway when I came home.  I still think of her as a little baby so as she's doing all of these things I'm just amazed because I keep thinking she's too little!  She's not too little though.  She had her 1 year check-up this week and she's a healthy girl.  Her ears are clear (since she had to have ear drops for a week post-surgery she sometimes pretends to take a bottle and put ear drops in her own ears) and here are her stats:
  • Height:  28 1/4 inches (25%)
  • Weight:  21 lbs. 5 oz (55%)
  • Head:  18 inches (70%)
She tried hummus for the first time and loved it - polishing it off.

She had hummus everywhere so she took her first dip in the kiddie pool. 

Rachel and Corey came over for the weekend and these 2 best buds cozied up in the Cozy Coupe.

And were inseparable all weekend.

Hadley tries to keep up with the big boys.

Hanging out with Grandpa Gray in her big girl chair.

After being a messy girl all weekend she ended the evening squeaky clean.

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