Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Grays Visit

Our whole family is thrilled to have our Gray relatives visit.  Grandma and Grandpa Gray are here from AZ and Auntie Annette and Uncle Roger from AK.  Just like in one of Miles' and Hadley's favorite books, The Relatives Came, there has been a lot of hugging, kissing, meals together and visiting since they arrived.  On Saturday morning we went to the Mill City Farmers Market, toured the Mill City Museum, walked in the sunshine across the Stone Arch Bridge and saw St. Anthony Falls and a barge come through the lock and dam. 

What better way to start a Saturday morning then with a mini berry pound cake from the Salty Tart!?
The lambs were a huge hit.  We may have to visit the farm in Elk River where they live.

My family took advantage of the good eats and sampled lots of yummy baked goods.

Whenever Mike's dad is here a lot gets repaired around the house.  Here all of the guys installed rails on the little back deck we use to let Ruby outside. 

Can you see the face of the little, thrilled-to-be-helping boy?

He loves to be involved in these projects and took his job of counting and handing out screws very seriously.

Happy hour on the deck

Miles has discovered the joy of the photo bomb.  This makes him giggle.

Here's Mike with his parents, sister and our child that looks just like them!
Today the adults went to a Twins game and enjoyed the sunshine and a Twins' win!  When we got home we took the obligatory group photo (I'm sure somebody will appreciate that I do these things someday).  

We hear two little voices ring throughout the house "Auntie Annette!"

Miles, Hadley and Annette played mommy and daddy with their baby monkeys for an hour tonight.  A good mama always gives her monkey fun piggy-back rides.

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