Sunday, January 11, 2015

Getting back to normal life

The Christmas tree is in the woods, the decorations are stored in totes in the downstairs storage rooms, the lights are wound and hung up in the garage, and our suitcases are unpacked and ready to go for our next trip. This week we returned to our normal routines - work, school, laundry, etc. Although not glamorous - there's something comforting in getting back to the norm. 

We went to a party at preschool on Thursday evening. The kids got their faces painted and we saw a magic show - with a live rabbit pulled out of a hat and all.

The kids started swimming lessons this Saturday at Oak Point Pool in Eden Prairie. Hadley is in Preschool 2 and Miles is in Level 1. The first class was a big success - Miles exclaimed as he got out of the pool - "I loved that!" The kids can't wait to go back next Saturday.

Our family got a new toy this week - a very large toy. We took one quick ride up and down the driveway before the windchill froze our little cheeks. Hopefully in the near future we can take it for a longer ride - with helmets.
Just chillin' - down time felt really good this weekend.
Friday night we made homemade pizza and watched Turbo. Saturday night we played games by the fire.

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