Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July - Loving Summer

We are having the best summer!

For a Father's Day gift Rachel and I took our dad to the new $37 million Surly Brewery.
We sampled lots of beer and took a tour.
It was a beautiful night - we hung out in the brewery yard and had dinner.
We made our annual summer day trip to Hutchinson to visit our CSA farm - Loon Organics.
We picked strawberries, took a tractor/wagon tour of the farm, and played on the farm.

Summer = Popsicles and running through the sprinkler

Sun bathing beauties
This little one was so tired she fell asleep on me - just like she used to when she was a baby.
We spent a day with the cousins and went to Cascade Bay water park in Eagan where we swam, went down a water slide, had a picnic, and floated on the lazy river (or in the case of 2 five-year old boys - the "crazy river.")

Hadley just finished soccer.
Miles is halfway through the summer t-ball season.

This 4th of July we headed to the cabin for a long weekend with Rachel's family and my parents. The girls got their nails painted in patriotic colors.
This weekend we went tubing behind the pontoon and
went swimming with the kids in the middle of the lake for the first time.
Family 4th of July
We decorated the pontoon and were in a boat parade.

We also went to the Pillsbury parade - a very small town parade.

There were about 10 floats - this one being one of the nicer ones...
Surprisingly, they handed out beer to the adults!...
No horses in this parade - just huge cows....
...and they handed out stuffed animals to all of the kids. It was the most unique and most fun parade we've been to in awhile.
Another first- whipper snappers for the kids...
...and sparklers! Happy independence weekend everyone!

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