Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whoa mama!

Whoa mama!

Well, it's Sunday evening and another week has flown by. Sarah is now 35 weeks along - won't be long before Lil' Mikey's here! Sarah and Mike are halfway through their childbirth prep classes now and are learning a lot. Mike got the great opportunity to wear an "Empathy Belly" in class last week. It's a weighted suit that simulates the 40th week of pregnancy. It comes with the whole sha-bang - a tight rib wrap is the first layer so that dads-to-be can experience the pressure, tightness and shortness of breath many women experience. The second layer is the really cute breasts and belly shown in the top picture. This layer even has specially designed weights to put pressure in all of the fun places like your bladder. The last layer is a really attractive maternity smock. Welcome to the world of women guys!

Mike said that he could really feel the weight in his legs and back and when sitting down could feel a lot of pressure. Sarah was giggling throughout the 10 minutes he had to wear it and lovingly threw his cell phone on the floor so he could also experience the joy of bending over and picking things up. Mike said 10 minutes of wearing the suit was long enough. Sarah said - ummm, try 40 weeks! Sarah thinks that someone should invent a labor simulator - then men would REALLY feel empathetic. :)

Other baby prep news - Sarah and Mike attended a baby fair at the hospital. They had free classes on topics such as infant massage, sign language and tummy time along with about 50 exhibit booths and lunch. We also had an appointment to meet with a police officer to get our carseat properly installed.

Nursery update - our office is officially moved downstairs and the room is completely cleaned out. Sarah's dad, Dave, is painting the nursery tomorrow and the carpeting is getting cleaned Wednesday. Hopefully by next weekend the baby furniture will be moved in.

So, this past week we checked a lot of items off of our baby "to-do" list but the list is still long. To be continued....

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