Sunday, August 1, 2010

Outdoor Spaces

The start of a huge project.

The three workmen.

Our dream deck!

Dining al fresco at the cabin.

Sweet cheeks.

It's normal to hang out together in a dirty clothes basket, right?

Enjoying the lake view.

Snacking with Godmother Rachel.

Swimming with Godfather Matt.

What a busy week - it's been a bit of a whirlwind. After about 3 weeks and countless hours of research, test driving and haggling we purchased a new vehicle to replace Mike's single-cab pick-up truck. Minivans were on our potential new car list but our little family opted for the GMC Acadia and got a good deal on a silver 2009 model. Mike and I are very happy to have car shopping behind us (hopefully for the next 7-10 years).

Our dads (with Mike's help when he wasn't working) finished building us our dream deck. I've been fantasizing about having a wonderful outdoor living space right off of our great room since we moved into this house 7 years ago and my dream came true! Our dads put in a lot of sweat and time to complete this huge project and their craftsmanship looks wonderful. I hope to post a picture of us all enjoying a glass of wine on the deck next week! We now just have to find the time to really enjoy it (which we will for years and years). Thanks dads!

Thursday night the work/daycare/home weekly rat race ended as we headed up to the cabin (in the Acadia, of course) for a long weekend. This was the one weekend the whole summer my whole family, parents, Rachel and family, Matt and Janelle and us, could get together for a weekend. We commented how different our annual family trip was this year with the babies. They add a whole new dimension of fun and schedules to the mix.

We spent hours relaxing and playing with them. Corey and Miles' personalities continue to emerge, much to our entertainment. Corey's a talker and a little daredevil while Miles is a bit gentler and likes to observe the action before diving right in. Watching them play together is hilarious because of the 100 toys on the floor they inevitably want the same one so a few tug-of-war struggles ensued. We also only had a couple of injuries (Corey bonking Miles on the head with a plastic coin and Miles slamming Corey's fingers in a play computer). They offered us countless hours of joy and entertainment. My favorite moments were when they both stood, pounding at the sliding glass doors, watching the doggies and taking "rides" in the laundry basket. Miles also swam in a lake (Straight Lake) for the first time and I think he is now a true Minnesotan kid. He was a little tentative to go in the water at first but once he experienced the splashing of water and the sand between his toes he had fun. In between caring for the babies we adults also had our own fun playing games, boating, reading, eating feasts, shooting clay pigeons and enjoying the weather. We're looking forward to our other family vacations this year but hope we can get up to the cabin one more time this fall.

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