Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beautiful Summer

Hugs from grandma!

Riding in style.

I could push this tractor forever!

Sweet face.

Ah, Summer
Lounging on a blanket in the shade, playing with toys.
Working on walking.
Going for wagon rides up and down the driveways.
Sitting on our new deck, sipping wine and enjoying the gorgeous weather.
Brushing tiny teeth for the first time.
Picnicking on the lawn with family.
Beautiful summer.

12 Month Check-up
Miles had his one year doctor visit on Tuesday evening. The instant he saw the scale he started screaming, turned bright red and shook his little clenched fists in the air. I've never seen him so mad. We hadn't even done anything to him yet. It was a rough visit for the little guy. He had to get both ears checked after his double ear infections, 3 shots and 1 finger prick. Overall, he's a very healthy baby and the doctor commented on what an engaging and good-natured (besides during the exam part) baby he is. Here are his current stats:
  • Height = 28 1/2 inches (15%)
  • Weight = 21 lbs 8.5 oz (30%)
  • Head = 46.7 cm (70%)
Don't be fooled by his lower percentiles. The doctor assured us he is still within the norm on his growth curve and we think he is on the verge of a growth spurt because this week he has been eating as much as a teenager (it seems)! He tried pork and strawberries for the first time and loved both. When sitting down to meals lately he aggressively cleans his tray and we just keep giving him more and more.

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