Sunday, March 31, 2013


Coloring eggs -
this 1 year old would rather eat the eggs or tip over the cups of dye then wait patiently for brown eggs to absorb color

Miles had more patience and colored some beautiful eggs

Just another spring day in MN - snow, winter hats and a hot chocolate break

The Easter Bunny visited our house!  Baskets were hiding behind the bookshelf.
The big bunny left little bunnies, eggs with candy and puzzles for the kids.

All dressed up for church and two parties!

That's my girl - dressed up so pretty and playing with a car

My handsome boy

We are so lucky to have a huge extended family and celebrated the day with lunch with the Nickolay side and dinner with the Giesen side.  Thank you to Tony & Lisa and all of the Lambrechts for a fun day!

Easter bonus - visiting your aunt and uncle who live on a hobby farm and have dogs, cats, cows and possums.  Never a dull moment when there are lots of kitties to pet, dogs to hug and wild animals to see.

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