Sunday, March 30, 2014

Live every moment like you're jumping in a bounce house

This week at work was tough and as Friday approached I was looking forward more and more to the weekend.  We left work a little early Friday and headed up to Grandview Lodge in Nisswa for our second annual siblings/cousin winter weekend.  There's something magical about this place - it's not only picturesque but we all somehow really relaxed and had a lot of fun there.

We rented a huge 3 bedroom condo with floor to ceiling windows overlooking a snowy woods, two living rooms and a stone fireplace.  Friday night we all arrived and had a pizza party.  Saturday we went to breakfast, the pool (the kids LOVED the water slide - all of the cousins are definitely water kids), went to the family zone cabin and jumped in a bounce house and went down a huge, bouncy inflatable slide, then out to dinner and snuggling and movies at night.  Today we went to breakfast and to the pool again. 

It was so fun spending quality time together, everyone fawned over the little cousin, Rylan, and we all laughed and had a good time.  We can't wait until next year!

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  1. The title of this post surely had to be inspired by Daren. ;) Happy sibling & families' weekend to all of you!
    (And ALL Miles' excitement for weeks about "we're going to stay at a hotel" makes SO much sense now!)