Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monday Funday!

Story time is exhausting!

Cool dude!

Where's Mike and Miles?
Maze at Centenntial Lakes Park

Enjoying the beautiful weather at the park.

Strolling along the lake.

Miles in the big boy bed.

Someone doesn't look too sleepy!

Grizzly bear exhibit at the zoo.

Checking out the giraffes.

Daddy and Miles.

Since Mike and I first met we would designate certain days throughout the year as "fundays" in which we would do nothing but fun things - no housecleaning, bills, projects, etc. - just 100% pure fun. Unfortunately, as we've gotten older and adult responsibilities bear down on us more and more, these days don't happen quite as often as they used to. This week however we initiated Miles into our tradition with both Monday and Tuesday being our first family-of-three Fundays.

Mike took off of work and Monday we started out the day by going to baby story time at the Southdale library. Miles was again the youngest baby but the librarian leading the group pointed out that you can never start reading to your kids too early. We read 4 books, sang songs and even played instruments. Mike chose the maraca for Miles and he held on to that little thing all through the songs. It was so cute - I wish I would have gotten a picture! All of the activity must have exhausted the little guy because he completely conked out by the end. After story time we had a nice lunch at P.F. Chang's and then it was on to Centennial Lakes Park in Edina. The weather this month has been so beautiful - we've been having July weather in September. It was a great time to walk around the lake at the park - we practically had the place to ourselves!

Tuesday, after a trip to a lawyer to discuss drawing up our wills, (ok, so this wasn't at all fun - just another example of that adult responsibility getting in the way!) we headed to the MN Zoo. It was the first time to this zoo for both the boys. We practically had the zoo to ourselves and really enjoyed the new Russia's Grizzly Coast exhibit. We literally had our noses pressed to the glass of the exhibit watching a grizzly bear hunt for fish in a pond. The bear was pushing off the glass with his paws and trying to trap the fish. Miles slept the entire time at the zoo so missed out on the animal fun but overall our two family fundays were a success.

Unfortunately, the fun stopped for Miles on Wednesday when he had his two-month well baby visit and first round of immunizations. We're happy to report Miles is thriving and is a very healthy baby. His stats:

Height: 22 3/4 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 13 lbs (80th percentile)
Head: 15.8 inches (55th percentile)

The exam went well until the end when he got his shots. He got an oral rotavirus medication and then 3 shots. Two nurses gave him the shots (2 in one leg and one in the other) while Mike held his arms above his head. The nurse warned us that we would hear a cry from him that we've never heard before and she was right. It was a pain cry and totally heart wrenching. I, as the mama, got to swoop in after the shots to cuddle and comfort Miles. We gave him a dose of infant Tylenol which helped with the pain and he calmed right down. Later in the day though we could tell his little legs were sore and he was having a hard time so we gave him one more dose of the Tylenol. The next day he was back to his normal self. We get to look forward to shots at these doctor's visits every couple of months for the first year. Yeah! (not)

We learned at this visit that breastfed babies don't get all of the vitamin D and iron that they need so the pediatrician suggested we start Miles on a baby daily multivitamin. You just have to squirt 1 ml in his mouth or mix it with a bottle. The problem is the stuff is absolutely nasty - it stinks and tastes horrible and so far Miles has spit up every dose we've given him. (The vitamin also stains your clothing.) We'll keep trying it and hope he gets used to it soon. Too bad it doesn't come in cherry flavor like the Tylenol - Miles lapped the Tylenol right up.

We also had a busy weekend. Friday night the Carlsons had us over for dinner. It was good company and delicious food. Saturday we celebrated Mike and Graham's birthdays by touring the Summit brewery in St. Paul (yes, Miles has now been to a bar AND a brewery) and out to lunch. Today we relaxed and did laundry (exciting).

If you read our blog please participate in the poll above. Mike and I are always going back and forth regarding who Miles looks more alike. Have a lovely week everyone. Goodbye summer!

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  1. what about the "both" option re: your survey? i really think he looks like both of you!