Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sweet Talk

3 months already??!!

All clean after a bath.

Lil' Pumpkin
Whoa, I've got a lot of laundry!

Why does mom insist on putting these silly hats on me?

Sweet boy sent his mama flowers this week.

Guy time.

Sweet talk montage

Work, work and more work

So our little family survived my first week back at work and a new schedule. At the time of last week's blog post I could barely see the computer screen through the tears. On Monday morning, my first official day back, it was hard to say goodbye and the first few people who talked to me at work were met with more tears. Each day though I felt like crying a little less but then the "mommy guilt" set in. I'm coming to realize that I need to wear at least 3 main hats during the week - a mommy hat, worker hat and wife hat. I think it will take me awhile to figure out how to balance all of these new things and be happy and make everyone happy around me.

I worked part time last week and will start back full time this week. This is my busiest season at work so it will be interesting how I handle the stress of work with all of the changes at home.

While I may have been a wreck, Miles had a great week at Grandma Nickolay's house. Mike has also been very supportive. One highlight of my week was receiving gorgeous lilies at work on Tuesday with a card that said "I love you mommy!" from Miles. Mike said that Miles asked him if he could borrow his credit card and ordered me a bouquet online. What a sweetie and so smart!

Mike and I also put in almost a full day cleaning the house on Saturday - yuck! We spent about 6 hours scrubbing light fixtures, appliances and doing the first really thorough cleaning since Miles was born. Is a cleaning person in our near future?

Oh, the Sweet Talk
Miles is talking so much now. The oohs, coos, and goos that come out of his little mouth sound so sweet. He's putting so much effort into smiling and talking now it is the highlight of our days to hear him. Once he started babbling on a consistent basis we wanted to catch him on video but every time we got the video camera out he would get distracted by the camera or the dog and stop. The little video montage above is the result of probably 10 efforts to capture these dear moments on video.

Grandma Nickolay has been taking such awesome care of him while we're at work. His new favorite things at her house include watching the grandfather clock, playing pattie cake with his feet and watching the other babies at story time. We are so, so lucky to have grandparents taking care of him these first three months I'm back to work.

Other highlights this week include: going to lunch at the Edina Grill with my mom, Miles and Rachel on Friday. After lunch Miles and I stopped at Fringe, (this was probably not one of the highlights of Miles' week) a new accessories store in the 50th and France shopping district. For all of the MN gals who read this I would highly recommend this jewelry and accessories store - they have tons of great looking items and most are under $2o.

Saturday (after the marathon cleaning session) we took my mom to Christos for dinner as a small thank you for helping to make my first week of work a success. Miles is an attention grabber where ever we go and he got a few comments at the restaurant about how truly cute he is - no arguments here!

Sunday we headed to Rachel and Graham's for a Vikings party consisting of good food and relaxation.

I'm going to sign-off for now - the Sunday night chores are waiting - Miles' bath, prepare for work, ironing (Mike is going to tackle this one), etc. Have a great week everyone!

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