Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lions & Tigers & Cousins - Oh My!

Hanging out with mom.

More pictures??!!

Rolling around in bed.

Miles' first Halloween! Thanks for the cute onsie Great Aunt Lu and Uncle Don.

Who's a happy, little tiger?

Trick or Treat!

Just hangin' out.

Meeting my little cousin, Corey, for the first time!

Sleeping Angel
Right now Miles is asleep in his crib. He's lying on his side with his little, chubby hands clasped in front of him like he's praying. His new development this week is traveling around his crib. He flips and flops so much now during his sleep that whatever position we lie him down in inevitably the next time we check on him he's facing 180 degrees in the opposite direction! He also is now wanting to roll on his side or (much to my dismay the first night he did this) roll over onto his belly.

As new parents we get it drilled into our heads from everywhere that babies must sleep on their backs. The first night I discovered Miles rolled over onto his stomach I kept pushing him back onto his back and he just kept rolling over. I think we both had a sleepless night that night - me pushing him over and him rolling right back.

Seriously, he's such a doll when he's sleeping (ok, I think he's a doll 24/7). During a nap this week I peeked in on him and he was on his side, with his body going the length of the short side of the crib and his two little feet were poking out between the bars.

Another night Mike and I woke up to loud rumblings (the in-the-diaper variety) coming from the baby monitor. It was so loud that it woke Miles up and he started chattering away in his crib. Mike and I were giggling as he talked away.

Miles and I had another nocturnal adventure this week. After feeding him at 2:30 am he pooped in his diaper. I waited a few minutes before starting to change him but I didn't wait long enough (every minute in the middle of the night is precious time not to waste - we need our sleep!). As his diaper was off he continued to poop. I tried to fumble in the darkened nursery for another diaper and it kept coming and coming. Long, messy story short I went through 4 diapers before finally strapping a clean one on the little guy. I had to call in reinforcements (Mike and Ruby) for assistance because in the process his jammies, sleep sack and diaper changing pad also all got dirty. The moment Mike walked into the nursery Miles gave us one last, messy surprise and peed - hitting his newly washed-that-evening hair. So about 3:15 am Mike was scrubbing Miles' clothes in the sink and I was re-washing his hair. From the way Miles was acting you would think this is our normal nightly routine. He didn't even cry a peep and was just looking at us with those big blue eyes - probably thinking mom and dad are crazy. He's such a happy boy and just went with the flow.

Babies all over the country must get their schedules thrown off due to daylight savings time. Miles was ready for bed at 7:00 tonight - one hour earlier then usual. It will be interesting to see if 7:00 pm becomes his new bedtime. I wonder what times he'll be up to eat tonight... Goodnight!


  1. lol sarah its jessica ur cousin!!!! dont worry carson did that for awhile all tho he never did thr poopy thing when i would change his diaper the famous thing was to pee never poop. i am starting potty training an carson is wearing these underware carol got him ha ha he dont really like them but he only had one accident so far im happy for him. i went to grandpas on thursday and he was telling me all about how grandpa dave and miles were down there he really ejoys that cause he does not get to see much of you guys. also i told my mom and dad about the pics with that onesie but they are already alseep so iwill show them again!!!!! also im happy everything with corey went good !!! im happy for all of u. now brian is going to be having a baby!!!! WOW the nickolays grow.. im sure grandma is very very happy!!!! well i will give u my email so that we can email back and forth . p.s. i check every sunday for new pictures of that cutie... we should have a play date sometime soon carson loves seeing babies and he dont get to see them much cause there is only one at his day care!!!!! ok hope to hear from u soon.... love ur cousin jessica

  2. Oh dear! Sorry, but your story made me laugh (and I have had a few experiences with that myself!). And I think his costume pre-destines him to be a Princeton Tiger!