Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Adorable

Ruby! (For all you doubters, I do still love my dog...)

Recovering in mama and daddy's bed.

Miles convalescing.

The Good
We all survived Miles' first week of daycare! Despite everything (read "the bad" section below) Miles did really well at Children of Tomorrow this week. He napped, drank his bottles, ate his rice cereal and bananas, played and got a lot of attention from all of the teachers (he can't help it if he's so cute!). On Monday we probably called the daycare six times during the day to check up on him and we got good reports back. This transition is definitely harder on the parents then the babies in many ways. That afternoon, we picked him up and noticed that he was already wearing his alternative outfit. He had peed all over Ms. Janice and himself during a diaper change. Way to break everyone in Miles!

Another day we got a note sent home saying "I did my first art project today. Hope you like it." The teachers made a penguin with Miles' hand prints as the feet that is now hanging from the classroom ceiling. Another day the note home said "Ms. Josie found my tickles spot and she like the way I giggle!" On Wednesday, when Mike picked up Miles, the director of the center was sitting on the floor, surrounded by all of the babies singing goofy songs to them. Mike and I firmly believe that Miles is well taken care of here. We were very pleased by how the first week went and each day it got a little easier to say goodbye to him in the mornings.

The Bad
Daycare! I wish I was a millionaire or money wasn't so important so that Miles didn't have to go to daycare. My heart was breaking as I dropped him off that first day. We drop him off between 6:35 and 6:45 am and he's the first one to arrive at the center. That morning I took him out of his car seat and he was sleepy so I set him in his designated crib and he looked as if he would fall back to sleep. We talked to the teacher and before leaving I peaked in on him one more time and his big eyes were just staring at me as he laid there by himself. I burst into tears and the teacher patted me on the back as we left. I was not very productive at work that day thinking about him every second!

Wednesday Miles came down with a little cold. He has had one other cold before and got over it in about a week. On Friday, Rachel and Corey came over to hang out. Despite the cold, Miles was his normal self - talking, bouncing and smiling a lot. After his late afternoon nap however he woke up crying and very irritable and soon projectile vomited. He was then inconsolable for almost one hour. This is so unlike Miles - he barely ever cries. Luckily Rachel - a great sister and pediatric nurse to boot - was there to assess him and take his temperature (rectally) which was normal. She suggested we call our clinic though since his condition seemed to turn so quickly. I called and they said that we should take him to the Minneapolis Children's Hospital Emergency Room. Hearing those words, I burst into tears. By this time Miles was seemingly lethargic and fell asleep in the car.

I never wish an emergency room visit on anyone much less an ER visit on a Friday night. Miles was seen immediately by a triage nurse and all of his vital signs were normal. We then waited over 4 hours to see a doctor. We spent the time rocking Miles and people watching. You can see a lot of interesting things in an ER. We saw several babies come in with similar cold/flu/respiratory illnesses, a 10 year old girl came in only wearing a t-shirt and underwear (her mom was in flip-flops), for those not in MN the temperature that night was probably -10 degrees, and a boy who took a baseball to the nose. I also couldn't help but make the assumption that the majority of people coming to the ER that night probably were there because they don't have health insurance and this was their only option.

Anyway, during our wait Miles seemed to be returning to his normal self. When we were finally taken back to an exam room another nurse checked him and Miles was giggling as the nurse felt his stomach and ribs. Mike and I were thinking - should we have even come here? Finally we were seen by a doctor and Miles was diagnosed with an ear infection in his right ear. The vomiting and exhaustion were symptoms of his cold. We got home about 12:30 am that night and I nursed Miles since he hadn't eaten and kept any food down since early afternoon. He nursed and then projectile vomited twice more and then fell asleep. We monitored him all night and started him on Pedialite (per doctor's instructions) in the morning. After getting about 1 ounce down he decided he had had enough of that and refused to drink anymore. I called the doctors' office again fearing he would get severely dehydrated and they were concerned about this too and suggested nursing him often but for short times. We did this throughout the day and he was able to keep that down. Saturday we basically just cuddled him all day and he slept and ate. Today, he seems to be recovering and as you can see in the video below is getting back to his normal self. To be on the safe side and to let him recover even more Mike will stay home with him tomorrow. What a week!

The Adorable
At this point Miles is changing so quickly! He can now easily roll across the floor and pick objects, like his Soothie, up with one hand, pass it to his other hand and then pop it in his mouth. He also is babbling - the word of the day today was "yah-yah-yah" over and over again in the cutest, sweetest little voice. For the record, he's so active now that almost all of his hair on the sides and in the back has rubbed off. It is very thin and short - he still has a full mop on top though (I debated about putting this Miles fact in "the bad" section above).

This afternoon, Mike and I heard him waking up from his nap so we peeked in his room. He was in a push-up position in his crib and as we watched he tucked his legs under him and was on all fours. He started to make a crawling motion forward and promptly did a face plant. Mike and I stared with our mouths gaping - it's only a matter of days before he's crawling everywhere.

Getting back to his normal self.


  1. Great to be back to normal Miles! Sorry you had to deal with all that at once Sarah - emergency room visits with baby seem to take an eternity, for the worry you feel and...that you are there for an eternity!
    Will be thinking about you all - Miles is a great little boy :)

  2. Ah! the video is awesome! It's like Miles language is "jump jump jump"! He is so cute.