Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two Toofers!

They're in! Aren't they cute?

Our smiley boy.

Hanging out.

Playing hard.

Miles is starting to take a greater interest in Ruby.
(aka he tries to pull her hair)

Two buddies.

Funny face!

Baby Thor with his hammer.

Steak dinner - here Miles comes!
Miles first little bottom tooth cut through on Monday and the second little one popped up on Thursday. Teething doesn't seem to phase him very much although I catch him rubbing his tongue along his teeth often. He looks so cute! I wonder who he'll bite first...

Miles has perfected the army crawl and is now rolling with the bigger babies at school. One of his teachers reported that he crawled all the way to the linoleum from the play area. We also got a note home from daycare saying that Miles "growled" when he was done with his bottle. I laughed picturing him as a little wolf baby. I characterize the sound he makes when he doesn't want something as more of a grunt but thinking of him growling is funny.

This week Miles tried green beans and apples for the first time and at meal times now literally scarfs his food in under 10 minutes.

Mommy's Night Out
Wednesday night Rachel and I both got our hair cut at 6:30, after the babies went to bed. Our stylists asked us if we were going out after our cuts - we looked at each other and thought why not! We had a drink and sushi at Kona Grill and for a Wednesday night the bar there was hopping. (People actually go out on a work night? Yes, I know this comment ages me! :) We had a great time and both commented how energized and "normal" we felt to take a break from constant mommy-mode. It was fun and we will now make it a monthly girls night out.

Miles and I continue to go to ECFE on Friday mornings. We've become good friends with some of the moms and babies and Miles loves charming his little friends and sucking on new toys and I enjoy talking to other new moms. After class we were supposed to head to Mankato to visit good family friend, Sharon Huse, with Rachel and Corey but Corey has RSV. If it's not Miles sick it's Corey. Poor little guy - get well soon Little C! Sharon joked that with both boys getting sick she may not see them until they get to college. Hopefully we'll reschedule soon. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Pretty soon you will have a full set Miles - and how much more handsome you will be! Have fun at ECFE!