Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Fun Family Weekend

Whoa - look at me riding my new toy!

This thing is so fun I don't want to pause my playing to get dressed.

I would push this thing all day if mom and dad would let me!

Enjoying the feel of leaves in my hands and grass in my toes.

Hanging out in the kiddie pools (sans water) and helping mom plant the flowers.

Keep up the good work dad!

Why did they put me in this kiddie pool?
It looks like more fun in the grass!

Awww - I love Sundays!

The Scoop

A sister night out Thursday at Prima in Minneapolis - tuscan chicken salad, pasta and wine - it doesn't get much better.

Miles' teachers at daycare think that we have him on a "special diet" because we are feeding him all organic foods, homemade baby food, and tofu. They said that they joke around with Miles that none of the other kids will want to ever trade lunches with him. I refuse to feed him processed foods (e.g. canned ravioli marketed for babies) and want to ensure he has a balanced diet rich in fruits and veggies (Ritz crackers, Cheerios and a blueberry muffin (some other babies' lunches at daycare) will not dominate his diet)! I am making a push, starting this weekend, though to offer him more variety and give him to eat what Mike and I are pretty much eating (where did my little baby go?). So, Friday night he had brown rice, chicken and veggies with us, Saturday I made him penne pasta with cheddar cheese, peas and carrots and tonight he ate dinner with us - baked chicken, green beans and brown rice. He seems to be enjoying this more "big boy" diet. We'll see if his teachers notice the little container of chicken, brown rice and green beans I packed for his lunch tomorrow.

Miles continues to enjoy ECFE - he loves to watch the older babies toddle around and is very gentle when near the other little ones and is a good sharer.

We hit the Preserve neighborhood garage sale in Eden Prairie on Saturday. 47 families in the neighborhood were selling and for $81 we came home with a patio set (table and 5 chairs), 10 bath toys, a bath toy holder, one of those little "vaccuum cleaners" for kids where the balls pop inside, 4 kids books, 7 adult literature novels, 15 white onsies, 3 pairs of pjs, an assortment of other kids pants and shirts, 6 potted annuals, toddler forks and sporks, and a Tonka front loader - what a deal! I'm used to garage sale-ing with my mom and sister - we're speed shoppers and all business so I had to adjust to the new pace of garage sale-ing with Mike and Miles but we had a blast and found a lot of bargains for 2 hours of shopping.

Our whole yard and landscaping is now weeded, mowed and wood chips are down.

Today we gave a boost to the economy by shopping at Holasek Greenhouses, Home Depot, Target, Cub, Lakewinds and Costco. Consumerism is alive and well in our family.

Miles' made his first trip to a greenhouse and kicked his little bare feet and squealed excitedly over all of the bright colors. We bought and planted: vincas, petunias, geraniums, coleus, and potato vines just to name some!

Our family took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather this weekend and spent as much time outside as possible. Fresh air in the spring after a long, hard winter = long naps for baby and early bedtimes for mom and dad.

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