Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pool Party

First pool party of the year with bud, Nicholas.

Playing cars.

Hi Mom!

Pool party with cousin Corey.

So fun!

Hanging poolside with the dads and Ruby!


First time at the beach.

Building sandcastles with dad.

Enjoyng the wonderful weather.

Our household has been having a lot of fun lately (and the home projects are still getting done!). The first pool party of the weekend was Friday at Miles' friend Nicholas's house. The boys loved the water and the weather was perfect. Miles loves to stand up in the pool so I had to offer a few gentle nudges to "sit on your bottom!"

Rachel, Graham and Corey came over Saturday for a bbq and pool party. The adults enjoyed sitting in the grass watching the babies splash and do barrel rolls in the water.

Today our family headed to Riley Lake Beach and Miles dipped his toes in the sand for the first time. I thought that he would really be into playing in the sand but he was more fascinated with watching all of the other "big kids" run on the beach and splash in the water. Our little family sat on a beach towel and did some great people watching. I think Miles only put a few grains of sand in his mouth the whole time.

New with Miles: he has such a great sense of humor - whenever we do something goofy (like Mike jumping up to dust cobwebs off a light fixture) Miles breaks into the sweetest little giggles. Now that he's eating mostly what we eat his favorite food is hands down - bread. I guess he carbs up for busy days playing. He loves his trucks and consistently makes engine sounds when driving them. He also is great at waving bye-bye. Today we caught him in the act of standing at the couch and shuffling his feet to cruise along the furniture. He also is starting to attempt to stand for a few seconds without holding on to anything.

Our family is going to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather tomorrow - we hope you can do the same. Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. The family is looking great Sarah! Happy to see you are out enjoying the summer! Miles continues (as expected!) to be so adorable :)