Sunday, June 13, 2010

11 Months!

Kickin' back in my new chair. Thanks Grandma Nickolay!

Mom is thinking that it is nearing the time for me to get my first haircut.

Relaxing morning + banana pancakes = happy baby

Me and grandma.

This week Miles...
  • turned 11 months old! Congratulations little buddy!
  • was not feeling well on Monday. We picked him up from daycare and he looked miserable.
  • had a fever of 101.6.
  • stayed home with Grandma Nickolay Tuesday and Wednesday and got a lot of TLC.
  • was diagnosed with an ear infection.
  • continues to grow his top 4 teeth.
  • stopped in for a quick play date at a friend's house on Friday and got whacked in the head with a maraca.
  • cuddled and played a lot with mama all day Friday.
  • stayed in with mom on Friday night while dad went to beer club (and almost won for best home brew of the month!)
  • is constantly mimicking us - whether it's making silly noises with our tongues, peeking around furniture or fake coughing.
  • stayed home with dad Saturday night while mom went to the dinner theater with her mom and sister and saw Footloose (great!).
  • helped his parents clean by whipping his washcloth around in the air and then rubbed it on the floors.
  • grocery shopped at Trader Joe's and got lots of good deals on healthy, organic foods to pack for lunches.
  • ate homemade banana pancakes for the first time and gobbled down 3!
  • has found joy in squeezing himself into small areas - e.g. the small space between the end table and the chair.

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