Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clowns and Puppies and Frogs - Oh My!

A cute clown.

Not so cute once grandma put a scary wig on.

Handsome boy post-haircut.

Carving a pumpkin.


The frog and the puppy meet.

Our sweet little pup!

A bulky costume didn't stop our little puppy from cooking in the kitchen.


Bath time with Cousin Corey.

We celebrated Miles' 2nd Halloween today. Thanks to Grandma Nickolay's bargain shopping we had a couple of costumes to choose from. Friday he dressed up as a clown and today as his favorite animal - a puppy. Although we're not quite at the trick or treating phase yet we thoroughly enjoyed the holiday by carving a pumpkin and having a little party at Rachel, Graham and Corey's where we ate lots of treats! In true celebratory form Mike taught Miles how to toast and clink cups this morning at breakfast. So every few minutes Miles would hold his milk cup out to one of us wanting to cheers.

In other weekend news we played at the park and took as much advantage of 50 degree fall days as we could, completed the deck - final inspection is our last step now, Miles got a haircut and cried in terror and tried to cover his head the entire time, we skyped (or tried to) with friends and family so that they could see Miles in his costume, and Mike and I actually went out to dinner and a movie Saturday night. We saw "The Social Network" which we both liked.

In really big news Mike has accepted a new job as a database administrator at Kroll OnTrack - a software company headquartered in Eden Prairie. The opportunity is a great advance in his career and exactly what he wants to be doing. The job is also only 10 minutes from home. Goodbye long commutes for Mike and goodbye to my carpool buddy. He starts November 15 so wish him luck!


  1. Congratulations Mike!!! That's so great...especially the commute!!!! Sarah, that's a great picture of you with Miles and the pumpkin!

  2. Great Hallowe'en post! Congratulations to the family on the great job change!