Sunday, December 26, 2010

A very desert Christmas

Playing at the park with the Seiders-Simmons Family
(college friends).

Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa Gray.

Opening presents Christmas morning.

Enjoying the sunshine.

Our Christmas family feast.

Happy hour at Great Uncle Brian and Aunt Diane's new house.

Miles with Grandpa (on left), Mike
and Great-Uncles Brian and Bob.
(Brian looks so much like Grandpa that Miles
happily plays with him - just like he's Grandpa #2.)

The 2 youngest grandkids (for now)
Sarah and Miles on the Gray side.

Cuddling with Grandpa Gray.

Thursday night, after a full day of work, we flew to Phoenix, AZ to spend Christmas with Mike's parents and family. The flight went smoothly - Miles was a wonderful baby (why should I expect anything different from this sweet boy?). Christmas Eve started with a visit to our good, college friends' Beth and Shantian's house where the kids played and we spent time enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather at the park. Later in the day Miles was a hit with all of the old ladies at the 4 pm Christmas Eve service at Mike and Mariann's church. He can be quiet the charmer.

This was my and Miles' first non-white Christmas and we spent a lot of time outside playing and visiting with Mike's sister's family (Denise, Greg, Alan and Sarah) and Miles' met his Great Aunt and Uncle Diane and Brian for the first time. Miles was spoiled with many new toys which have quickly spread throughout the house. After gift opening and visiting we ate a huge mid-day meal of turkey and too many delicious fixings to mention here. Miles also had his first piece of pumpkin pie. After devouring his little sliver he was frantically sighing "more please." I think he would have eaten the whole thing if we had put it in front of him.

Today we hung out with relatives and Miles met another Great-Uncle, Bob. With all of the visiting and travels Miles has maintained his laid-back, sweet personality. He loves his grandparents and gives them many smiles and hugs. We all get a kick out of him running around the house with his hands behind his back and giving us a scrunched up, mouth open, goofy face when he doesn't like something but it's not serious enough to cry over. Little man is sound asleep and ready for more Arizona adventures in the coming week.

Not to be overshadowed by Christmas, the little baby in utero, is an "it" no longer. We're having a girl! Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Wow!!! Congratulations!!! Miles will be such a great big brother to his little sister!!! Now if only I could congratulate you in person one of these days!!! Even if a playdate doesn't work, let's at least try to get together ourselves. Hugs and safe travels! - Jill