Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Freezing Fun Time in AZ

At the park with Grandma Gray.

Our little Wii bowling champ.

Ringing in the New Year.

Miles found a comfy spot in Apollo's dog bed.

New Year's fun with the Grays.

This past week in Arizona was fun, relaxing and freezing! Yes, we flew to the desert and the highs the last few days were only in the 40s. This didn't stop Miles from wanting to play outside - so winter coat and hats on we headed to the park a couple of times and played with a kickball outside. I guess it beats the 3 feet of snow we have on the grow here at home. Monday through Wednesday Miles spent some great quality time with G & G Gray - where he kept everyone busy riding his new scooter, playing in his tent, he learned to blow a handmade whistle and even had a play date arranged by Grandma Gray! Mike and I drove to Las Vegas for a mini babymoon where we did a lot of walking, won money playing craps, saw a Cirque du Soleil show ate good food and had a lot of r & r (aka sleeping in!). By Wednesday afternoon we were happy to get back to Mr. Miles though.

New Years Eve was spent with Mike's parents, aunt and uncle and his sister's family - Denise, Greg and Sarah. Miles only made it until about 6:30 pm. We joked that we were celebrating the Australian New Year this year. The rest of us ate more good food, played cards and watched old home videos and saw slides of Mike and his family as a child. It was like watching Sarah Palin's Alaska but in the 70s and 80s - camping in the motor home, snowmobiling, flying little planes, enjoying the great outdoors.

While in Arizona Miles vocabulary continued to grow. His new words are: hot (referring to all non-cold foods now), brr cold, when asked what a bunny says he replies "hop" with a cute little hand motion, nana (banana), up, down, go (this Miles and I both chanted as we raced from one end of Sky Harbor airport to the other. Miles and I were on the moving walkway while Mike pushed a huge cart with all of our luggage. I was saying "go, daddy go" and Miles was yelling "go, go" over and over again.), and num num (yummy). I swear Miles could win a baby of the universe contest for being the model child on the plane ride home. He snoozed a little but when not sleeping was saying "hi" to the passengers around him, snuggling on my lap and giggling in delight at the funny faces I was making at him. He is such a good traveler on this his 3rd round trip flight.

It's back to reality for all of us tomorrow which will be difficult after a 1 1/2 weeks off of fun and great family time. Yesterday we said a sad goodbye to Miles' Gray grandparents and tonight we said goodbye to his Nickolay grandparents who head south for the winter tomorrow morning. Luckily, everyone is planning to be here in May for little "Sarista's" arrival (so named by my mom). Happy New Year everyone!

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