Sunday, February 20, 2011

23 Hours of Fun

I heart you
The highlight of my Valentine's Day this year was giving Miles a little brown and white puppy he had previously played with at Barnes and Noble. He loves dogs and one day another child's little stuffed puppy accidentally was sent home from daycare in Miles' bag. Miles carried that puppy around all night. So when he opened a little stuffed puppy of his own Monday night he excitedly exclaimed "puppy, puppy, puppy" over and over again while hugging it. He's been toting it around ever since.

Baby girl news
Unbelievably I'm in my 3rd trimester now (28 weeks along). Where has the time gone and why haven't I started preparing? Baby girl is active and doing well. Unfortunately, I failed my glucose screening test so completed a 3-hour glucose tolerance test on Friday. I get the test results back tomorrow and hope that I don't have gestational diabetes. Nothing like a little added stress to the pressure I'm already feeling trying not be tired all the time and preparing for this little one. Despite mixed emotions I'm still excited to meet this little (dare I hope - dark haired) beauty.

Moorhead whirlwind
We make an annual trip to Moorhead to visit my brother, Matt, and sister-in-law, Janelle, every winter. We always have a great time in the great wide open to our north. This year was more baby-centric but no less wild. We were able to leave at 3:30 pm Friday with the car loaded to the gills with baby and dog gear. Miles was a trooper on the way. We took a break about halfway there for dinner at Dairy Queen and there was nothing fast about our stop at this fast food restaurant. Miles was the unofficial greeter saying "hello" to everyone that walked through the door and loved his burger and fries. We finally arrived about 8:00 pm Friday night. Saturday we played, played, played with the babies and did lots of chatting. Of course Uncle Matt and Aunt Janelle spoiled the babies with new Tonka trucks.

We had a lively lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings where Corey and Miles split a burger and fries.
Ketchup is always fun (and messy).

Miles loved eating out this weekend.
In several attempts to take a good group photo (this group won't look the same next year - 2 more babies will be added to the mix) this was one of the better ones.
With 3 dogs in the house most of our group pictures had a dog butt in them.
Here the little buddies are just hanging out in their chairs.
Miles loves his Auntie and Uncle and actually can now say "auntie" and "uncle!" Thanks for hosting us Matt and Janelle!
Rachel, Matt and families surprised me with a yummy ice cream cake.
Due to a pending blizzard we had to cut the fun short and head home early Saturday night. We arrived home by 10:00 pm only to be snowed in today.

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