Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Days

The summer days are coming to an end but we're determined to enjoy every last moment of sunshine before the long winter sets in. As true Minnesotans, we headed to the State Fair on Friday. I love the animal barns, the people watching and there is just something wholesome about strolling along, looking at tractors and eating ice cream. This is Miles' 2nd fair and Hadley's first. One of the highlights was our first trip to the Little Farm Hands exhibit where Miles and Corey fed the animals, drove tractors, planted seeds and took their goods to sell at market.
Miss Hadley was not left out of any of the fun and sported a John Deere hat just like the boys.

I don't know if Rachel and I are brave or crazy for taking 3 kids ages 2 and under to the fair but we had a blast. With stroller, double stroller and baby bjorn we were ready for many fair adventures and maneuvered through the crowds like professional moms (because we are!).

Miles favorite parts of the fair were seeing and petting a lamb, calf, piglet and Zip the horse. He also enjoyed his burger and ice cream cone. In other fair news, we live with a blue ribbon winner. Mike won first prize in the craft beer competition for his brown ale home brew. Congratulations daddy!

Fair fun is exhausting. I guess that's the reason my son decided to take a break in the dirt amongst the garbage. Oh, my two-year old!

In other exciting news we had a visit from some of our relatives from Luxembourg! A couple of years ago, as my dad was working on his family's genealogy, he discovered that his ancestors weren't German (as we always thought) but actually came from Luxembourg. He's a very enthusiastic genealogist and in attempt to get to the bottom of his roots he sent out 50+ letters to Nickolays he found in the phone book in Luxembourg. He actually received responses and since then my parents have actually visited Luxembourg and met many of our relatives. So we were so excited when Gust and Annette, two of these relatives, came to MN this week to visit. Saturday evening my parents hosted a party so they could meet everyone. Here Hadley's great-aunts Carol and Sue enjoy baby snuggles.

How many people can actually say that they have met their relatives from their home country? It's pretty cool! Gust and Annette were extremely nice and fit right in with the American-side of the family. Annette was even teaching Hadley some Letzebuergesch. I am actually Gust's third cousin, twice removed (I think that this means we share great-great-great-great grandparents). Miles and Hadley are his third cousins, three times removed. Here we are with Gust and Annette (back row, 2nd and 3rd from the left).

Gust and Annette were not only very nice people but also so generous. They brought gifts for the kids - t-shirts and cute picture frames. C'etait tellement agreable de vous rencontrer. Merci beaucoup pour les cadeaux. Nous esperons que vous avez des vacances merveilleuses.

To end our long holiday weekend we headed up to the cabin on Sunday. Although the weather was brisk Miles and Corey had fun eating lots of snacks together, having a dance party and pushing each other in circles in the chairs.

Here we are enjoying the sunshine with the babies. Earlier this weekend Hadley developed a cough which we thought was croup but now think is just her first cold. This girl is so good natured that she would smile up at me immediately after a coughing spell. She's feeling much better now.

We also celebrated Mike's birthday with a grilled steak and salmon dinner and homemade chocolate pecan pie. Happy birthday daddy!

It's never too cold to play with a squirt bottle outside!

We ended the Labor Day holiday at home, laboring. We cleaned, did 5 loads of laundry, made refrigerator pickles, grated and froze 9 cups of zucchini, went for a walk and took the kids to the park. What a fun family weekend!

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