Sunday, January 8, 2012


Are other parents like me and think on a daily basis what great kids they have? Pretty much everyday I literally say that I have the best kids in the world and I'm so lucky to have them. Hadley, our little dear, is obsessed with Baby Mum Mums and puffs (finger foods for babies). This week she tried peaches and tofu for the first time. She's still not a ferocious eater but she tries. She's also an olympian army crawler. I was getting ready in the bathroom and she and Miles were playing in our master bedroom and she literally crawled 20 feet and around a corner to peek on me.
Living with a two-year old is like living with a constant entertainer. This week he was really into dancing, play-doh, and cutting with his scissors.
He surprised me this week by proclaiming "holy smokes!" A phrase we don't say so we're not quite sure where he picked up this exclamation.
The highlight of my week though was to see how the relationship between Miles and Hadley is growing. They are like best friends forever lately. Miles is very sweet to Hads and loves to hug and kiss her. She shines in this attention.
Being a great big brother he loves to give her horsey rides. He's also very protective. Hadley was about to touch something that she wasn't supposed to and Miles proclaimed "that's to shark (meaning sharp) for Hadley!"
And they love to laugh together. Today as we were riding in the car I glanced back and caught them smiling, waving and doing sign language together.
This picture of a stand-up hug makes us realize how big Miles is and how little Hads is - but they love each other so much - I hope this lasts forever.

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