Sunday, October 14, 2012

Camera phone moments

I didn't take any pictures with the Nikon this week (a rare occurrence).  Our camera phones were more easily accessible during the busy week and laid back weekend.

Tuesday night daddy worked late and we had no groceries in the house so the kids and I headed to Byerly's for pancakes.  Hadley insisted on holding her own cup and drinking out of the straw and Miles did color commentary on the goings-on of the restaurant. 

After a Saturday morning trip to Costco and unloading the groceries the pear protectors made really fun head gear. 
Hadley Newton John

A little angel
The Sievers and my parents came over for dinner Saturday night.  Everyone loves the new baby.  Hadley - our little mama - tried carrying Kenny around in her car seat but when that didn't work toted her doll around happily.  She also insisted on wearing a hat and after a big dinner let her belly hang out in all of its baby fat glory.  Hadley calls Corey "Coco" (we all do), Miles "Mi-Mi," Hadley is "Hadley" and Kenny is "Baby."  Graham's in the picture because Hadley has a little crush on him and was his sidekick all night.
Today we visited the Chanhassen Fire Department.  The kids were both enamored with Sparky and probably gave him high-fives about 3 times during the course of our visit.  We road in a fire truck and Miles impressed us with his fire safety knowledge.  Me:  Where do you go if there is a fire inside our house?  Miles:  Outside!  Me:  What number do you call in an emergency?  Miles:  9-1-1.
Hadley was so enthusiastic about riding in the fire truck and wearing this hat that one of the fire fighters joked that they'd see her in 18 years.

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