Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Magic of the Season

This week was a tough week for our family.  We are currently in transition with child care and what we thought would be a  slow transition into starting with a full-time nanny (you know who you are! :))  in January was accelerated this week by circumstances in which we had to say 'enough is enough!'  The kids will be home with my parents (thank you!) the rest of December and will not be going back to daycare.  In the midst of stress and scrambling to make arrangements (some of the nanny arrangements we made for January have since fallen through) I am repeating (and believing) mantras of joy and abundance.  Because really - joy and abundance are all around me everyday. 

We put aside the stress of the week and had a truly festive holiday weekend.  I love this time of year and want Miles and Hadley to feel that it's a magical time as well. 

Our little monkey (he gets making silly faces for pictures from Mike - so I guess this is payback)

It doesn't get much more relaxing and magical then gazing up at a beautifully-lit, twinkling Christmas tree

Yep - another attempt at a Christmas card photo.  Remember last week when I said these two are looking more alike?
Saturday we invited our neighbors over for a holiday happy hour and then went to City Center Park for the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  Last year the kiddos were bundled up in their snowsuits and this year it was in the 40s with no snow!  Hadley and Miles ran around the park in excited anticipation for a visit from Santa.  Santa always arrives on a firetruck and it's always so fun to watch the kids mob him as he enters the park. 

Hadley's first candy cane

Checking out Santa

Love these moments - playing a game on the tablet together

Attempt #2 at a Christmas card photo

It's better to sometimes do solo pictures - my handsome boy
Today we had a family outing and hopefully started a new holiday tradition.  We saw the musical Madeline's Christmas at Stages Theater and then went to Buca for dinner.  Here we are all dressed up and ready to go.

Everyone was very excited for the show to start

Miles and Hadley's first theater experience
True to themselves Miles was a little hesitant about the whole experience.  We've been reading the book everyday and in it Madeline says "poo poo" to a tiger in the zoo.  Miles was very concerned that the tiger in the show would be scary.  He also wasn't very sure about the theater being so dark.  Once the show started though he was enthralled and especially loved all of the sparkling lights representing snow.  When I asked him at the end what his favorite part was he said "everything!"  Hadley on the other hand clapped her hands, bopped her head and at one point stood on my lap and started singing.  Yes, I'm thinking dance and theater are in her very near future.  After the show Miles insisted on taking a picture with "one of the girls" and held Hadley's hand as he led her through the crowd for a photo.
Like a true toddler Hadley cannot stay still!

Enjoying a family dinner at Buca

Hadley Rose cracks me up.  She had her 18 month appointment last week and she is still a healthy and growing girl.  The doctor noted that she wants to watch her eye sight  - she detected a slight delay in one eye moving when Hadley looks to one side.  We've never noticed this ourselves.  Otherwise, she's right on schedule developmentally and with her rapidly growing vocabulary - 60+ words the doctor said her language is more like a 2-year olds.  Here are her stats: 
  • Height:  32 inches (56%)
  • Weight:  25 lb 3 oz (61%)
  • Head:  46.3 cm (41%)

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