Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Shorty...'s not that I'm not inspired to write - it's just that after 4 years of Sunday night musings I may just need to change up my blogging routine.  I'm ruminating on this and we'll see where my mind wanderings lead me...

The week's moments...
...Hadley sucking on the lemon slice garnish from my takeout box.  "It's juicy!"

...A trio of joyful, if not always on key voices, singing "Dinah Won't You Blow Your Horn" at the top of our lungs on a daily basis.  Try it - it's an instant mood-lightener.  Hadley encourages this by saying "more singing guys" or "good singing guys."

...Tasting her first medium salsa, Hads repeatedly began scooping it straight from her plate to her mouth with her hands.  Exclamations of "it's spicy" and "more" were the only interruptions to her salsa immersion.

...Playing dolls with my girl - she likes having twins.  I would rock my baby and say "I love you baby" and my girl would do exactly what I did to her baby.  So cute!

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